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A Simple House Design – Get Started Here

The simple house design has always been the choice for many people and because of its affordability most people seem to prefer it. It is also easy to build. Most people think they can build their own, but the truth is you need to know what you are doing or it will be very difficult. A well designed simple house design can cost you much less than a similar house built from plans. And there are plenty of benefits.

Simple designs are easy to build and require little in the way of materials and skilled labor. You don’t need any permits to get the design building. All you need is a good foundation. A foundation is what holds everything together so it’s important.

You can find many easy to follow plans on the internet and in home building books. Most are free but there are some that may charge a small fee. If you get a plan that isn’t detailed enough or that doesn’t explain things clearly you will be confused and not very happy with the end result. That’s the last thing you need. You really need a plan with lots of steps and illustrations.

Your house also needs to be well lighted. You should get a plan with good lighting so you can see to do it. You also need to make sure your windows and doors have good lighting as well. Don’t underestimate this aspect of the project.

Your lawn is also a big part of your simple house design. You can have a small yard with grass and flowers. Or you can get a large yard that has brick walkways leading in between the rows of plants. This helps keep them contained and keep the maintenance down to a minimum. It also adds a special feeling to the home.

You should also consider your drainage. This is important no matter what type of house you have. If your soil is sandy, you will need to add more sand. If it’s clay or concrete you will need to make sure it drains well. If it’s not draining, then you will find yourself with water on the carpet when you take a shower.

Another feature of your simple house design is that it should have a greenhouse or some sort of gardening area. This can be used year round for growing herbs, and for growing flowers. You can even grow fruit trees in here. The possibilities are endless. If you have children, gardening will be a great past time. Or if you get bored, you can read outside or play games.

You will also need to get plans for the roof and walls. You should make sure they match each other. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful design and having it look like a disaster. Get some plans and get started!

Now, let’s talk about your garden. A very simple house design would have a small yard. You will want a nice layout for your garden. You can plant vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Also keep in mind that you can plant shrubs, bushes, and flowers in this area. If you are not sure how much room you have, go online or ask a friend what they use for their garden.

Now to get a house that is simple and fits your needs, you will need to build stairs. These stairs should be about one foot each side. You will also need to add a door at the top. You will also need to add a window in the rear.

If you are going to have plants in your garden, get a plan for a house design where these plants will be able to get water. This means you will need a well. You will need more than one door in the rear of the house. This way the rainwater will drain away from your house. Next you will want to get a plan with the proper roof. This roof will provide your garden with shade.

I hope this article has helped you figure out how to get a simple house design. Next time you want to build a garden, this is the best time to do it. Build your own house. Your garden will thank you.

16×25 ft simple house design two-floor plan elevation


house plan details 


Plot site =>  16*25 ft  400 sq ft

Direction => north  


ground floor


2 bedroom =>10’0*11’5 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’11*4’0 ft

1 o.t.s =>4’8*2’6 ft

1 Kitchen =>6’0*5’5 ft

lawn and parking     => 8’9*12’11 ft

staircase => outside


first floor


2 bedroom =>10’0*11’5 ft

1 attach toilet => 4’11*4’0 ft

1 o.t.s =>4’8*2’6 ft

1 study room  =>6’0*5’5 ft

balcony   => 8’9*4’5 ft


16×25 ft simple house design two floor plan elevation

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