What Are The Reasons To Buy The 15×36 House Plan?

The 15×36 House Plan is one of the most popular floor plans in the USA. It is perfect for new home buyers or existing homeowners looking to downsize and build something unique. You will find this plan has some great characteristics, such as its “do-it-yourself” character. It allows for plenty of customization. Here are just a few of the customizations available when designing this home plan:

 West Facing – When planning this custom home, many home buyers look to face the pool or the back yard in order to view the rest of the home. You can, however, enjoy the beautiful views of the landscaping when the sun is shining on your landscaping. This is very easy to do. Simply pick a different wall facing that does not have any trees that may block the view. This will give you the perfect view of your home from all angles.

Go Back Yard – The back yard is one of the most ignored parts of any house plan. However, by making this area more attractive, home buyers will want to see everything that is going on in their new home. You can add beautiful trellises, gazebos, and much more. By making this area more welcoming, you will be inviting your guests to stay and enjoy your new home.

Flooring – Depending on your home’s style, you can build a beautiful deck or you can choose to build a walk out mud room. Adding both of these features will provide extra living space for you and/or your family. In addition, decks and mud rooms are very affordable. Therefore, they will be easy to add to your budget when you are planning your new home.

A Beautiful Finish – If you are looking for a finish that will make your home unique, the 15×36 House Plan has it. You can choose from many different finishes, such as distressed oak, mahogany, pine, walnut, and others. This plan is truly unique, beautiful, and perfect for anyone who wants to build their home. Plus, if you decide to sell your home in the future, you will be able to use the same plan as your competitors. This is a bonus that many home buyers love.

Design & Layout – Just like every other home plan on the market, the fifteen362 includes beautiful floor plans that are easy to understand and build. Everything is laid out beautifully with easy to understand floor plans. This plan gives you everything you need to know to build a beautiful new home. So you will be able to build your home quickly and without any problems.

Interior Design – This plan does not just focus on the exterior design of your home. You can easily make changes to the interior of your home as well. A beautiful kitchen is always important when you are planning to buy a new home. With this plan, you can find exactly what you want for your kitchen and put it into your new home. You will have complete control over every little detail. This is what makes it so unique and beautiful.

With so many beautiful houses already built around the world, why not build yours in a unique way? This plan is a perfect way to build your beautiful new home. Plus, you can have it finished in just a few weeks, which is great for those of us that don’t have a lot of time to build a new home. This plan has everything you need to build a beautiful home, including beautiful floor plans, beautiful exterior designs, beautiful kitchens, and lots more. It is a great plan for anyone who wants to get in on the real estate market while saving money and getting beautiful results. You will love the way this plan has made every difference in the construction of their clients’ homes.

15×36 house plan west facing




plot size – 15.36 ft 540 sq ft

direction – west facing


ground floor


1 common bedroom

1 common toilet

 1 living hall

1 kitchen

1 pooja room

1 store room



staircase outside

15×36 house plan west facing

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