A New Classroom Facility With a Higher Floor Plan

When it comes to College Park, a new high school facility with over 500 new classrooms, the architects must create an efficient and comprehensive floor plan to support the project. The University of Texas at Arlington’s architectural team will need to incorporate various building envelope functions in the new College Park High School. This article will introduce the new envelope concepts used by the architects to design the project.

The first building envelope concept to be considered is the multi-story building. The floors of this new structure will rise above the existing grass and trees on the site. These floors will include both permanent and temporary classroom space. It will be obvious from the name that the floors will rise to the top of the existing campus buildings. These floors will allow students to perform multiple activities on the multi-story structure.

Students will have the opportunity to work and study in the libraries located on the lower levels of the building. The lower floors will connect to the main campus through hallways. The architects left some open space on the bottom levels for additions. This new space will be used for student offices and student bedrooms.

One of the most important factors in the new facility design is the set up of the elevators. The new multy elevator will allow more than one floor to be opened simultaneously. The current building can be reconfigured to allow for the new floor expansion. Each floor will include two or three floors of new floors and the existing roof will be enclosed in a glass curtain.

An impressive feature of the new story design is the use of the exterior staircase as an entrance into the main campus area. This stairway will be visible from inside of the building as it will lead to the executive offices and classrooms on the second floor. Students will have easier access to the new school through this new staircase. In addition to the new staircase, students will be able to access the administration offices, meeting rooms, and all of the classrooms on the lower level. The architects left some open space on the bottom levels for future additions.

The architects also included structural changes to the new building. All of the elevators are now out of the basement and into the main floor of the building. The architects included a new stairway that leads to the administrative offices on the first floor and the first and second floors of the class buildings. Students will be able to access all of the classes via the elevators without walking across the campus.

Students can enter the gymnasium using the elevator on the first floor of the gym. The south end of the building will also include a pedestrian stairway. This stairway will connect the gymnasium to the Academic Center. The new building includes an auditorium on the third floor that has two small windows. This large window gives students a chance to peer in on the Academic Center and the administration offices.

The new structure also has more open space above the parking garage. The architects included new classroom sections that are tiered to allow for maximum use of each floor. The new classroom sections provide students with individual lesson planning while they are taking a break from their studies.

In the Science Center, students can move from their individual classrooms to shared study areas in the basement of the Science Center. There is also a new science lab that has a large auditorium area as well as a loading dock. Students will be able to access the Science Center from the elevators on the third and fourth floors. The south end of the building also includes a loading dock.

The Engineering Science Center has been relocated to the current location. The architects included new elevators in the new structure. These elevators can take students to all of the different floors of the science center. The elevators make it easier for students to move from their individual classes to shared study areas. Students have the option of walking the halls of the science center or they can use the elevators to get from their elevators to the different floors of the building.

The new floor plan and new technology for the elevators were designed and developed by the same building engineering company who designed and created the Student Union. The students have worked hard to create an atmosphere that will attract students from all walks of life. If you would like to know more about the student union, you can visit the website by clicking the links below.

140×300 ft college building elevation multi-story plan


house plan details 


Land area 140*300 ft 18200 sq ft

west facing


ground floor


Waiting hall

Principle room

Secretary room

Wise principle cabin


1 floor




2 floors


Hall and classroom


3 floors


Hall and three classrooms


140×300 ft college building elevation multy story plan

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