45×60 ft home design images double story house plan and elevation

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Why People Choose a Double Story House Plan and Design From an Online Home Interior Design Website

Double storey home design is an attractive and functional type of house plan. These are generally built with extra facilities such as a second story, bathrooms and garages. You can add an extra bedroom to the top floor of the house. This is one of the reasons why they are quite popular among people.

There are different types of loft home plans and designs. They are mainly designed to provide more space to the home owner. A loft is an area below the house that can be utilized for additional storage. This type of house plan and design is ideal to build on higher floors. You will need extra room for your kids when they grow up.

People usually prefer a double story house plan and design because it provides great space for them. It adds value to the property and makes it look more attractive. There are various types of plans and designs available. It is easy to build on higher floors, which increase the resale value of the property. This is why people go for this kind of home design.

They consider loft as an area that has an open plan kitchen. This gives a spacious feeling to the residents. This is something that most people like because it adds value to their home. In fact, many people are going in for this type of plan and design. They can enjoy the benefits of living in a loft without moving into a bigger house.

They believe that the plan and layout are very flexible and it can easily be modified. When you go in for this kind of plan, you can add a large deck and outdoor seating areas in the lower level of the house. You can also have a lower kitchen area that can be used as a breakfast room. There is a lot that you can do with this type of home design and planning. Hence, this plan and design are preferred by many people who want to live in spacious houses.

People prefer this type of home design, because they can enjoy all the benefits of living in a bigger house. You can also have a large family if you wish. The biggest benefit is that you can save some money with this plan and design. There are various other plans and designs that also have various advantages.

The plan and layout of this home is perfect for those people who have two incomes and two kids. They are able to make use of the extra space for parties and social gatherings. They can also have parties in the outdoor deck or patio. This plan and design are also preferred by those who have home based business and need a larger space for their office or shop. The area can be used for a bar or restaurant and there is enough room.

If you want to design a home that has a spacious house and beautiful view then you should choose the Double story house plan and design. There are many other homes that have more advantages than this plan and design. Choose a home based business that has more benefits rather than a plan and design that only gives you the benefits. It will be a waste of money if you choose a plan and design that do not give you any real estate benefits.

If you live in an area that is surrounded by water then the Double story house plan and design will be perfect for you. This will allow you to build the house on a hill and have a wonderful view of the water from every angle. You can also choose a home with a gated entryway and a swimming pool on the back yard. It is a great place for your kids to play. There are many people who choose this kind of home plan and design because they know that it gives them a home that looks beautiful and is strategically located near the water.

There are people who choose this home because it is the perfect location of their school and work. They find it convenient for their kids to get to and from school and for their family to get to work. There are people who choose this kind of house plan and design because of the easy access to the internet, television and shopping malls and because the land is very affordable.

Many people choose to purchase this kind of home because they know that it will give them the ability to customize the interior and exterior of their home based on their own personal tastes. There are thousands of different home interior and exterior designs that are available when you visit the internet websites of the manufacturers of these types of houses plans and designs. You are not limited to just what the manufacturer has created as you can also download some of the most popular home interior design ideas to help you create your own unique home design. These are some of the reasons why many people choose to purchase a Double story house plan and design from an online home interior design website.

45×60 ft home design images double story house plan and elevation


house plan details

Land area 45*60 ft 3000 sq ft

west facing


ground floor


2 Master bedroom 16*12 ft, 16*12 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*9.0 ft, 5.0*9.0 ft

One storeroom 12*8 ft

Living hall 27*17 ft

Kitchen 13*13 ft and dining hall 10*11 ft

One drawing room 18*13 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking space 13*14 ft


On 1 floor


1 Master bedroom 18*13 ft

and attach toilet 12*6.0 ft

Dining hall 10*11 ft

Storeroom 12*8.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Living hall 27*17 ft

Balcony 12*8.0 ft


45×60 ft home design images double story house plan and elevation 

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