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Create a Unique Home Design with the 40×40 Ft Simple House Design

The 40×40 ft simple house design is one of the best options for a first time home buyer. This type of home is a single story that has two floors and is located on a large lot. A lot that has some open space to it and is generally in a community that is connected to amenities such as schools, hospitals, businesses, grocery stores, and other points of interest. The lot has been recently restored and offers an exceptional view of the surrounding area. This is the perfect location for a first time home buyer.

The house sits on its own large parcel of land that also features a series of unique architectural features. It is perched on a series of hills that seem to go on forever. It is perched high above the rest of the lot, so the entire landscape seems to be suspended in midair. In addition, the house is placed directly on top of this gorgeous landscape. The architecture of the building provides a distinctive look and feel with the addition of a new roof.

The loft area of the property is comprised of two levels and a loft floor. The upper level is what people will access from the main entrance of the house. The lower level is where the lower level of the duplex is located. The two levels are seamless and provide easy access to the other areas of the duplex from the main entrance. You can walk directly into your bedroom from the lower level of the house without ever leaving the main living area of the duplex.

The floor plan is located on an approximately seven-acre lot. The majority of the lot is covered with trees with the exception of the south and west edges of the lot being treated with a level surface. This helps to keep the humidity levels down in the summer and prevent the growth of unwanted vegetation. The home itself sits proudly on top of the lot with the exception of the roof that is placed upon the retaining wall. The remainder of the duplex is comprised of different components.

The loft area provides ample room for the children to grow and develop properly. With the addition of two single levels the amount of storage space available can be increased. This is beneficial because you no longer need the additional space for storage; it has been added onto the home already. With the addition of an attic you will also find yourself with additional bedrooms, a den, or office area. These added spaces bring efficiency, convenience and beauty to your life.

When planning the floor plan of the duplex, you want to plan things in such a way that you have the most usable space possible. It is common for many designs to place a master bedroom on the first floor with an additional bedroom on the second floor. Depending upon the size of the family that will be residing in this unique home design, this may not be a good decision. Instead, you should plan to place bedrooms on each floor. Even if the first and second floors are separate by a door; the space that is created by the doors and windows can make both floors usable and beautiful.


Another aspect of the 40×40 ft simple house design is the roof. There are several options that you may choose from. For an additional fee you can have the home’s roof customized to meet your specifications. Additional options include adding on gables and lattice to the roof. If you are able to add on to the roof, then you will greatly increase the value of the home.

One of the best aspects of the plan is that the entire home is designed around the master level. With the use of the home builder, you will be able to customize everything including the plumbing, electrical work, flooring, kitchen, etc… To fit the needs of your needs. The simple home plan allows you to add on to your home easily and with very little effort. Each detail is planned out and detailed, allowing you to build your home without spending a lot of time. This type of design is the ideal option for anyone who is looking for a home that is easy to build and maintain.

40×40 ft simple house design 3 bedroom double story plan elevation


House plan  details


Plot size =>  40’0*40’0 ft  1600 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor


2 Master bedroom =>11’0*11’6 ft , 11’0*11’6 ft

2 Attach toilet => 4’0*6’3 ft , 4’0*6’3 ft

2 Dressing => 3’6*6’3 ft , 3’6 *6’3 ft

1 Kitchen => 11’0*17’1 ft

1 Lobby =>  4’0*4’6 ft

1 Toilet => 6’8*4’6 ft

1 Wash=>6’8*4’6 ft

1 Store room => 4’0*4’0 ft

1 Dining hall => 12’6*15’6 ft

1 Drawing hall => 11’0*10’0 ft

1 Living hall => 16’0*26’11 ft


First floor


2 Master Bedroom =>11’0*11’6 ft , 11’0*11’6 ft

2 Attach toilet => 4’0*6’3 ft , 4’0*6’3 ft

2 Attach Dressing => 3’6*6’3 ft , 3’6*6’3 ft

1 common Toilet => 6’8*7’7 ft

1 Bed room => 11’0*10’0 ft 

1 Study room => 11’0*7’7 ft

2 Living room > 15’0*15’6 ft , 11’9*15’6 ft

3 Open Terrace => 16’0*15’0 , 14’9*13’9 , 10’0*17’0 ft


40×40 ft simple house design 3 bedroom double story plan elevation

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