Tuesday, January 18, 2022
building front elevation designs

30×55 ft house front design indian style multy story plan elevation

Floor Plan of the 30×55 ft House Front DesignOne can create an Indian style from the floor plan of a 30×55 ft house front elevation plan. The building is designed in such a way...
front elevation for 3 floor house

27×27 ft design of simple house multy story plan elevation

A Simple House DesignThe entire idea behind the 27×27 ft design of simple house is based on the theory of the parabola. Parabola is a known mathematical object. It was conceived by Leonardo da...
elevation designs for 3 floors building

45×52 ft indian simple house design multy story plan elevation

 Indian Simple House Design Multiply Story PlanThe four-minute frame construction is the best choice for any residential or commercial building, home or office. The Indian Simple House Design by Four Minute Plan is a...


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