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13×40 house plan east facing

13×40 house plan east facing   HOUSE PLAN DETAILS plot size - 13.40 ft 520 sq ft direction - east facing   ground floor   1 master bedroom and attach toilet 1 common toilet 1 living hall 1 kitchen parking staircase outside   first...

25×25 house plan south facing

House Plans Is a NecessityWhen you get a house plan drawn up it will be on the south facing side. There are many reasons why this is the case but the number one reason...

25×25 house plan west facing

West Facing House Plan - A Unique Home Plan With Unparalleled Exterior FeaturesThe 25×25 house plan is one of the many home designs from the respected American architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Thomas Jefferson....

22×45 house plan east facing

The 22×45 house plan is one of the best home designs in the Buffalo area. It sits on the bluff overlooking Lake Erie and has a view that is spectacular. This is the perfect...

21×45 house plan west facing

A House Plan That Can Add a Beach Theme to Any Home21×45 House plan West faces The 21×45 house plan is the ideal beach front living option for anyone who enjoys the beach and...

20×45 house plan east facing

Build an Amazing Home With Large Patio and View of Ocean Using East Facing House PlanAlluring homes and land in Essex with house plans for 20×45 house plans. Features include: West-facing lots for future...

19×50 house plan west facing

An Overview On Developing A 19×50 House PlanThe home you choose for your new living space is the foundation of your new life, so it's important that the choice you make for your new...

19×45 house plan east facing

The 19×45 House PlanThe 19×45 House Plan was designed by William L. Fugate, who is an urban planner with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. This is one of the most popular floor plans...

18×40 house plan east facing

An 18×40 House PlanIf you are looking to buy a home in Connecticut, one of the most important decisions you will make is your choice of a home's design. You may want to look...

17×50 house plan east facing

East Facing Villa in PictureYou may have come across several different options that you can choose for your house plan. There are many people who make choices and also look into the different available...


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