Friday, June 25, 2021

35×40 house plan south facing

Reasons Why 35×40 House Plan South Facing is the Best Modern PlanLooking at the new 35×40 house plan, you'll see a home that's almost exactly opposite the one on the drawing. The south facing...

35×50 house plan west facing

35×50 House Plan West Facing Beverly Hills, CaliforniaThe Beverly Hills Real Estate West facing plan is a combination of two homes; a single story home on top of a penthouse on the second floor...
23×45-house-plan-south-facing (2)

23×45 house plan south facing

23×45 house plan south facing HOUSE PLAN DETAILS   Plot size - 23.45 ft 1035 sq ft Direction - south facing   Ground floor   2 common bedrooms 1 common toilet 1 living hall 1 kitchen 1 store room Parking Staircase outside   First...

24×50 house plan south facing

Getting Into a Good House PlanWhen you are considering purchasing a new home, one of the things you might consider is which house plan is best. You may want to build your dream home,...

40×40 house plan east facing

East Facing Lots Are Better Than West Facing Lots When it Comes to 40×40 House Plan DetailsThis article explains about 40×40 house plans east facing home plans, which are ideal for people who prefer...

30×49 house plan east facing

The Benefits Of An East Facing Lot PlanThe 30×49 House Plan is a New England waterfront home with one-, two and three-bedroom units. It is built on a large lot, with lots of open...


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