Friday, June 25, 2021

35×40 house plan south facing

Reasons Why 35×40 House Plan South Facing is the Best Modern PlanLooking at the new 35×40 house plan, you'll see a home that's almost exactly opposite the one on the drawing. The south facing...

24×50 house plan south facing

Getting Into a Good House PlanWhen you are considering purchasing a new home, one of the things you might consider is which house plan is best. You may want to build your dream home,...

37×50 house plan west facing

37×50 House Plan - Choosing One For Your Dream HomeLooking for a 37×50 house plan? West and South facing lots are the most popular styles in Dallas real estate today. These types of properties...

30×49 house plan east facing

The Benefits Of An East Facing Lot PlanThe 30×49 House Plan is a New England waterfront home with one-, two and three-bedroom units. It is built on a large lot, with lots of open...

21×56 house plan north facing

The 21×56 House Plan is the one of the most popular floor plans in the United Kingdom. This house plan was created by award winning architect Richard Rogers and the award that were given...

20×50 house plan east facing

East-Facing Home Plans For Planning Your YardThe new Zoning Regulations for the 20×50 Home Plan is being implemented in October of 2021. In the past, if you wanted to build a home on an...


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