front elevation colour combination in india

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Today we are looking at front elevation colour combination in India. The most common and popular Indiatimes painting style is ‘alities’. I have seen this done with lots of vigor in the Mughal paintings. Let us see some modern examples.

Anushka Ghosh’s ‘depiction of the hunt’, which won an award for the best female painting in the 2021 competitions, is a masterpiece. The rich purple colors and the graceful horse that win the praise of the jury is an amazing example of how to draw the attention. The painting has superb detail and the perfect blend of color, so if you are an art enthusiast you should definitely buy it!

Abanindranath Tagore’s ‘The Human Condition’ is a masterpiece of visual art. It was awarded the best painting in tenements for the same year, 2021. The front elevation of the painting is typical Indian style and the human form shown very skillfully in the painting is truly amazing. Abanindranath’s portrayal of the sun setting on the hills of meditation is absolutely breathtaking. The title of the painting also speaks about a solitary mind.

Amrita Sher-Gil has ‘The Meeting’ from her impressive portfolio. She has the usual Indian moods of happiness, sadness, hope. In the top half, she has beautiful scenes from her life. In the lower part, she has scenes from the funeral of her brother.

Sailoz Mukherjea’s ‘The Seasons of Love’ is another wonderful creation. The title depicts scenes from the winter as seen from the vantage point of the house in the winter. The couple standing next to the pond & swinging away show the happy couple. In the lower portion, there are scenes of spring & summer, with birds singing and grass growing.

Kanjeevaram has ‘The Mirror’ from his ongoing collection. It depicts the back & front views of a building, with the building sitting on top of a hill. The top & bottom views show the building in a completely different angle, giving the overall impression of the entire structure being constructed in a single shot.

Arundhati Roy Choudhury ‘I am Dreaming Of You’ is a breathtaking piece. The full-length painting has a close-up of Roy’s face, followed by her hands. It ends with Roy’s torso on the front. This is a classy painting of a famous lady, who is known for her grace. The front & back views also show the lady’s elegance in addition to her beauty.

Ritu Kumar’s ‘The Missing Link’ is an exceptional piece. The painting has an aerial view, followed by a close-up of Ritu’s face. The back is completely white, while the front depicts Ritu in all her lovely glory. The complete rear view of Ritu can be seen from behind. This is a rare look at a rear view painting of a female artist.

Sailoz Mukherjea’s ‘Memories Of The Snow King’ is yet another gorgeous creation. The front reveals only a part of Sailoz, and the back shows her beauty completely. The two sides of the painting have a glorious combination of yellow & blue. The background of Sailoz’s head is completely white.

Prem Shankarachari Jaiva’s ‘Phantom Bride’ is a beautiful depiction of the traditional Indian ceremony of Idukki. The front is almost totally in the shade of the bride’s dress, while the back depicts her with her feet on the threshold of the marriage aisle. The border of the painting has a faint yellow tint. Idukki is an ancient Indian religious ceremony, which was once a popular social occasion for all the Hindu women. The presence of the white bride symbolises the purity of the marriage and promises hygienic behavior from the bride towards her husband.

Amrita Sher-Gil has ‘veiled lady’ on her palette. The painting is completely in shades of lavender & pink. The lilies are highlighted with pink, while the lady’s foot is coloured purple & pink. This is a typical Indian floral colour combination, which is used to symbolize the feminine essence of Indian culture. This is one of the best examples of a front elevation that uses the correct colour combinations.

Anushka Kumar’s ‘Bhagavan’ has beautiful shade of yellow that can be contrasted with the deep blue of the water. The watery look gives a distinct contrast to the soft shades of yellow. The figure of the girl inside the house is made completely in the shade of the water, while the flowers and the furniture around her are on the toned down side of yellow. This is another great example of using yellow to portray watery images. The painting is on a large scaled canvas and is a perfect example of art done with colour.

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front elevation colour combination in india

front elevation colour combination in india

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front elevation colour combination in india

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