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Elevation and building plans are the most significant factors in the construction of any structure. This factor is considered by the client as primary and the interior design as secondary. The process of constructing any structure includes several phases such as foundation, wall, structure, roof, attic, windows, doors, electrical wiring, ventilation system, drainage system etc. The building plan is basically the drawing of the building outline on the ground with the exact measurements of each and every part of the building.

As it can be easily understood from the term, building plan and elevation design are concerned with the vertical arrangement of various building sections. In other words, it is the architectural design which determines the position of building elements (ceilings, walls, floors, roofs etc.) on the vertical location. It also involves the arrangement of furniture and equipment within the structure. Thus it is very important. So, it should be chosen very carefully and appropriately.

There are some important things to be considered while drawing building plan and elevation in India. Vertical elevations of a building plan are measured with respect to the horizontal elevations. These elevations are measured starting from the top of the foundation to the highest point of the roof. For houses, it is taken as the actual height of the ceilings. For commercial buildings, the value of the building plan and elevation is taken from the structural engineers. This value is also known as the maximum safe head.

Building elevations are required for many reasons. For example, buildings have to be constructed at right angles to the slope so that proper ventilation system is not obstructed. Also, in case of flat roofs building elevations provide protection against falling rain and strong sun rays. The building plan and elevation in India also determined the amount of space required for any particular building. For example building meant for offices has to be wider so that more employees can be accommodated there.

After constructing a building, the area of excavation is also measured. In order to construct a building on a suitable site most local builders have access to soil profiles. They use elevations to determine the site dimensions. Thus building plan and elevations become most important when constructing a building.

Elevations are measured by measuring the angles formed between parallel lines on the land surface. These angles are measured from pole to pole. Thus, the elevations also help in deciding the site’s strategic location. But while constructing a building plan and elevations are taken only after consulting local builders. Site surveys are carried out only after thorough excavation and if soil conditions allow.

In case of any doubt about building site, the best option is to hire a civil engineer who is skilled in civil engineering, structural drafting and hill-king. A site survey will be done after the construction is completed. Site surveys are required before construction of a building or any other major construction work.

Most of the countries in the world have a standard set of building plans. However, Indian standards differ from these because of local conditions. The elevations also depend on the type of building structure chosen. Usually, buildings are built in four distinct levels. So if you have chosen a building plan and elevation in India you need to know its particulars such as:

Site Survey – This involves precise measurement of the soil area that has to be utilized for construction. The site survey also determines the kind of building material to be used and will also reveal other important information about the construction site. It is the main source of information about the construction cost incurred for a particular project. You must also look into the reliability and safety measures taken by the developers while building a building.

The Planning Process – This is the stage where your building is first conceptualized and it is also at this stage that you have to decide the exact design that you want to adopt for your building. There are various factors which are taken into consideration at this stage. They include accessibility, building’s design and construction cost. Once the site survey is complete, you can know about the building’s height, width and construction materials to be used. You can choose the material that you want to use keeping in mind the climate in the region, soil quality etc.

Elevation – During the planning phase you cannot go about making any changes in the original site plan. However, during the construction phase you can alter the elevations according to your needs. This is called as site modification. This process of changing the elevations of the building happens after the construction has been completed. The building plan and elevation in India are quite exhaustive and cover all the essential aspects.

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building plan and elevation in india

building plan and elevation in india

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building plan and elevation in india

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