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6263 ft Indian House Front Elevation Design

62×63ft Indian house front elevation design with a contemporary home and garden, built at 2100ft altitude offers a great space for your home, office or retreat. This is an ultimate high rise model, which is completed with a modern facade and highly equipped facilities. The building is fully equipped with fully air conditioned interiors, spacious garage, well-equipped lounge, spacious corridors, a large main staircase and a spacious atrium. The building offers a total of 6 bedrooms, five bathrooms, two terraces, a swimming pool and a club room. The property is surrounded by an amazing landscape, which was landscaped and designed by an award winning architect. With its modern amenities, this home or resort is suitable for a family, who can enjoy the fresh air, lush green surroundings and relaxed atmosphere, without much hustle.

The 62×63ft property gives you a large space for your home or office, and you can use it in whichever way you wish. It is an ideal choice if you are looking to buy or sell a property, and also if you want to use your home or office as a holiday home. The property is fully furnished with comfortable and luxurious furniture, and you can use it in any way you like. There are a variety of readymade designs available in this range of houses.

The six rooms of the house front elevation design give you all the square footage that you require. Each room is furnished in an exclusive style of your choice, and you have the option of adding extra facilities as per your requirements. You can opt for luxurious interior fittings such as five star deluxe recliners and couches, a mini bar and kitchenette, and a spa tub. The spacious corridors allow easy movement within the premises, and you can easily get to any part of the property without much difficulty. The main gate is equipped with automatic gates.

You will also have the luxury of an indoor swimming pool, and a large sauna area. You also have a heated indoor pool and a heated outdoor pool. You can indulge in your favorite sport and activities indoors or outdoors. The beautifully landscaped gardens are surrounded by lush green surroundings, and offer stunning views of the majestic mountains that surround the property.

You will have all the amenities of a first class home, including a well-equipped kitchen and dining area. You also have an air-conditioned master bedroom and bathroom. The spacious verandah with views of the Arabian Sea offers ample privacy. There is a pavilion that offers good views of the Arabian Sea, and a wet bar serves tasty cocktails and other drinks. There is also an art gallery, a library and a media room. The clubhouse offers superior and private access, and there is a heated swimming pool.

There are a total of eight bedrooms in all, and they are tastefully decorated to suit the Indian tastes. You can also have a guest room. The house has two car garages, and they are also large and exquisitely maintained. There is also a heated swimming pool, and a gymnasium with a number of equipments for exercising the body. There are sun terraces, and balconies that offer excellent views of the mountains and the sea.

The house has been built on the Periyar hills, on the slope, and so the landscape design of the house front elevation design blends with the surrounding natural beauty very well. There are several lush green trees, and palms that have been placed around the home to provide shady areas. The ground slopes towards the sea beach is designed in such a way that the pool can be enjoyed from any angle. The house has been constructed by professionals who are experts in this field, and so it has all that one would want in a luxury home.

62×63 ft indian house front elevation design double story plan


House plan details


Plot size => 62*63 ft 3906 sq ft

Direction => West


Ground floor

2 Master bedroom => 14’0*14’0 ft, 8’6*14’3 ft

1 Kitchen => 12’9*9’0 ft

2 Attach Toilet => 5’9*4’9 ft, 7’6*4’9 ft

Veranda => 14’0*3’9 ft

Drawing room =>12’9*19’3 ft

Garage => 12’9*15’9 ft


First floor

Veranda => 13’7*5’9 ft

1 Master Bedroom => 14’0*14’0 ft

2 Bedrooms => 12’9*14’0 ft, 14’0*12’3

1 Attach Toilet =>14’0*4’9 ft

1 Toilet => 4’9*9’0 ft

Kitchen => 7’6*9’0 ft


62×63 ft indian house front elevation design double story plan

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