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52×53ft Indian Home Elevation Design Photo Gallery

The Indian Home Elevation Design Photo Gallery is the latest in Indian home planning and design. Each photo in this album showcases a unique aspect of traditional India. Photos from different regions and the architectural styles of India reflect in this work. These include the architectural works of the Mughal and the exquisite designs of the Qutab Minar. These are just few examples of the wonderful collection.

This is the ultimate photo album in the Indian home plan category. It presents a wide range of Indian homeplans. The photographer has gone ahead to take into account the various aspects like the local climate, architectural structure and the local usage of materials. The result is a perfect combination of rural feel with urban amenities. This is one such plan which presents a beautiful home plan with a number of additional features.

This Indian home plan is certainly a first class example of its type. It is designed using the technique of Qutab Minar elevation model. This is a very famous method of designing home plans in India. This allows for the inclusion of various structures like kitchen, staircases, pool, garden and other amenities. The scale of this home plan is one of its own kind.

This Indian home plans is a good example of Qutab Minar elevation model. This plan was designed by the famous architect Qutab Minar. This provides a glimpse of the majestic structure of the Qutab Minar. The elevations used here provide an impressive feel.

This is an amazing gallery of Indian home plan. The photographs show various types of houses made of concrete. The plan highlights various home types with their features and designs. This includes the modern house, the heritage home and the traditional home.

This Indian home plan is one of the few houses that use the concept of Qutab Minar elevation. This is a unique concept where the home is raised by the support of three minarets. This is done so as to give the house a distinct architectural look. The elevations here give the house an opulent feel.

This Indian home plans has been designed by none other than the famous architectural genius of India, He was born in the 19th century. This photo gallery shows one of his most beautiful designs known as the Villa. The building of this complex is based on the Qutab Minar concept.This Indian home plans has been a great success ever since it was launched back in 1994. A lot of people have loved to live in these types of houses. They can now easily purchase such houses from online Indian homes and furniture showrooms.

This Indian home is a combination of two traditional constructions. It is based on the Qutab Minar concept. The other aspect is based on the Arabian home elevations concept. So, it combines both the architectural geniuses. There are many architects who specialize in this kind of architecture.

This Indian home plans was designed by He was one of the very famous Indian architects The main aim of the architect here was to create a new concept of home construction.

This Indian home plans was first introduced as a residential complex. Later on, it was used as an office building too. Today, it can be seen all over the city as a residential area. These residential elevations are built in such a way that it makes the visitor feel as if they are actually living in the house. In fact, the main entrance of the house looks like a gate to another world.

When you visit this house, you will find out that all the materials and equipment used in the construction are of Indian origin. All the required elements are of local production. There are a unique and special charm about these Indian home plans as well as the one located near Rishikesh. If you have this unique experience and wish to add a different touch to your house, then you should not hesitate to choose this one.

52×53 ft indian home elevation design photo gallery triple story plan


house plan details


Plot size =>  52*53 ft  2756 sq ft

Direction => north

Ground floor

2 bedroom =>12’1*13’8 ft, 13’7*16’6 ft

2 common toilet => 4’0*4’0 ft , 7’10*6’9 ft

2 store room => 7’5*4’0 ft , 4’0* 6’4 ft

1 drawing room =>14’7*11’8 ft

1 Kitchen =>11’2*11’5 ft

utility => 5’0*4’9 ft

1 pooja room => 6’1*7’4 ft

1 living hall  => 27’2*19’4 ft

car parking  =>17’0*18’0 ft

garden => 14’11*28’6 ft

Staircase => outside

first floor

2 bedroom =>12’1*13’8 ft, 13’7*16’6 ft

1 attach toilet => => 4’0*4’0 ft

1 common toilet=> 7’10*6’9 ft

1 dressing room => 7’5*4’0 ft

1 drawing room =>16’6*11’5 ft

1 living hall => 27’2 *19’4 ft

double height balcony

terrace garden =>14’11*14’6 ft

second floor

1 bedroom => 13’7*21’8 ft

1 attach toilet => 7’10*12’10 ft

open terrace


52×53 ft indian home elevation design photo gallery triple story plan

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