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50×80ft House Front Elevation Design Image

If you are looking for a home plan or design idea that offers a lot of space then the 5080 ft house front elevation design image may be the perfect one for you. It is a house plan or floor plan, which offers more than half of the floor space of any house. This design is so popular because it is designed by combining the best features of an open roof and a single story house. The combination of such features creates a unique type of house front elevation.

The home of the single level plan has multiple floors. It is planned and built in a manner to give the illusion of a large single story house. It can also be called the single story garden house. The building has many windows, which are located at different levels. Each level has a terrace, balcony or large windows. This allows natural light to stream into the house and gives the impression of a big, warm and welcoming home.

The house front image was designed by using high quality architects, interior designers and engineers. The project was done in about two years. The project took half the time of any traditional single story homes. The reason for this is that using a flexible building strategy, multiple stories can be built using the same foundations.

This building can be considered one of the most beautiful houses to build. It has a unique look because of using cantilever racking which adds the vertical support to the building. This unique feature is known as cantilever racking. This unique system was first used in buildings such as a theater and conference center but was later used to build homes.

Other than using cantilever racking, the house-front design also has a tilt table. The floor to ceiling space of the house is divided into sections. These are done by using the tilt table. There is also an outdoor kitchen that can be built on the top floor. The entire space can be seen from the outdoor kitchen, which is built on the second floor.

The building plan was made with two storey floors, each having a half story at the bottom that slopes down to the main entrance of the house. This would allow the building to maximize the natural light entering the house. Also, the slope could allow rainwater to pool around the construction and then drain away when it rains. Another way of utilizing the natural light entering the building is by installing glass panels on the outer side of the building.

To finish off the interior, a grand fireplace that looks like a snow globe is installed. The roof is made of wood and the walls are made of concrete and fiberglass. All of these combine to provide the ultimate in indoor and outdoor living. The 5080ft house front image was released at the start of this decade and has since gone through several revamps and updates. The new plans are modern and have incorporated several innovative ideas into the original design.

For people who are planning on getting a house front image done, it is important to ensure that you get one that is designed according to your specifications. It is also essential to make sure that you choose a reputable building company that has a good reputation. The image should meet your needs and provide you with a design that will be pleasing to the eyes. A single level plan is able to provide the ultimate home for the individual who is looking for a luxury living space.

50×80 ft house front elevation design image single floor plan


house plan details


Plot size – 50.80 ft 4000 sq ft

Direction – west facing


Ground floor


2 Master bedroom 11.0*14.0 ft, 12.0*14.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*7.0 ft, 7.0*5.0 ft

Common toilet 5.0*7.0 ft

Kitchen and dining 22.0*12.0 ft

Hall 26.0*24.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking 10.0*20.0 ft

Garden 35.0*30.0 ft


50×80 ft house front elevation design image single floor plan

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