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50×80ft Home Elevation Multy Story House Plan

What is 50×80 feet in home measurement and why is it important to know it when you’re planning a multi-level home in Chula Vista? The 50×80 is the National Association of Home Builders’ recommended floor level. In Chula Vista, the local building code uses this number to indicate the rate of the slope on a given area of the lot. You can get this number by measuring the slope on your existing lot. You’ll also need to measure from the ground to the top of the highest wall in your new multi-level home.

The type of home you have determines how big the home will be. The bigger the home, the more square footage you have to work with. This is one of the reasons why home plans are different for large and small lots. Your home construction company know what you want done with your home and can recommend the right home plans for your project. If you have an experienced home planner, he or she may even be able to suggest ideas that are not in the plan books.

How high can you go on the roof? This question often comes up when people see homes with a great view. One suggestion is to raise your home another fifty or so feet from the ground. If you build a multi-level house with a deck on each level, you’ll be able to build a three-story house. That’s about the highest we’ll go, but a three-story multi-level house looks more classic than a two-story house does.

A typical home plan for a home built on a sloping lot needs to show a full height of at least nine hundred feet from the ground to the highest floor of the house. Some home plans call for buildings with higher floors, but this will require more building code work and more expense because of additional reinforcement. The higher the floors, the costlier the home will be.

What other features does your home plan include? Does it include a garden, patio, deck, or other area? Many times a home with a garden on it will sell faster than one without a garden. Some multi-level house plans also have a porch, but does this have to be the focal point of the house or can it be integrated into the design?

Does the house have its own entrance? Does it allow for multiple entrances (including a garage)? Will build up the stairs to help you avoid the main entrance if it is a tight fit? The best way to find out is to talk to local architects who work on these projects. They will be able to give you a better idea of how to incorporate each feature.


How big is the yard when you build a multi-level home? The size of the yard will depend on the size of your lot. If your lot is not that large, a large backyard might not be a concern. You will however want to create an entryway if you are going to build a larger home around it. The size of the yard will also determine how much sun exposure your home gets.

Will you build your new home from scratch or buy a kit? Building from scratch will mean you will need to hire a contractor. Buying a kit will usually cut down on costs, but you will have to do all the work yourself. You will be unable to use any of the existing plans from home improvement stores, but you should be able to find some good multy plans on the internet.

50×80 ft home elevation multy story house plan


house plan details


Land area 50*80 ft 4000 sq ft

South facing


ground floor


Parking 20.6*50 ft

6 shop 14.0*18.0 ft


1 floor


6 shop 14.0*18.0 ft


first, second and third floor are the same plot


50×80 ft home elevation multy story house plan

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