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49×69 ft Front Elevation Design for Triple Level House Plan – Could it Be A Good Idea For Your Home?

When the new San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal department was asked to review a recently approved plan for a three-story home from condos in San Francisco to be built on the site of an existing single-story home located on a lot with frontage to the existing homes on that property. The Planning Department’s Assistant Design Engineer, Jennifer Lerner reported in her written report, “A substantial increase in the required open area to the east and west and north and south of the proposed triple-story house was recommended.” This report, which you can find at the link below, identified a number of benefits that would come from the implementation of the East and West elevations for the planned triple-story residence. The review specifically identified the need for:

 An increased usable space above the existing ground floor. In the single-story homes the ground floor is generally unused. In the triple-story residence the floor space that is below the existing floors is typically unusable because there is often no space above it to provide access to the upper levels. This could include the attic, or the area behind the building that is difficult to get to. The elevation design would allow for an increased usable space above the ground floor through the use of an increased number of stories and the installation of an extra floor.

More usable floor space above the ground floor. In the previous single-story house design the floor area that is below the floor slab was generally non-occupied. This made it difficult to add additional floors when it came to the addition of another level. With an East and West floor elevation design for the proposed triple floor plan it is possible to include more floors, and the extra floors would have more usable space than would be allowed under the prior design.

 Increased home values. With a properly implemented triple-story floor plan the increased home value would be made up in increased home prices. The additional space added onto the home would be used to create larger rooms, and the more rooms, the higher the home’s resale value. Elevations would allow for the easy addition of an attic, or second floor, or a basement, or third floor.

More energy efficient design. Since there are more levels there are greater opportunities for the use of air conditioning and heating throughout the home. This would allow for a more comfortable home environment. These additional components would also make for more energy efficient housing than would be possible with a home plan with the existing elevations.

Increased safety and less chance of accidental injuries on the upper levels. In an apartment complex the lack of extra floors makes the common areas difficult to access and climb up into. This increase in difficulty in reaching the top floors could lead to an accidental slip and fall injury. If a homeowner plans to have an additional living room or recreation room added onto their existing floors then additional plans for elevator modifications could be a wise investment.

 Increased resale value. Most apartment complexes and retail shopping areas do not allow for the triple floor plan which allows for more square footage to be utilized. This increased space adds up to a larger selling price for your property. A buyer looking to purchase a home would be willing to pay more for a property with the additional space.

This design would also work in more traditional residential areas with three-story floors. Larger additions of living space to a home would work well with this design. A home owner wanting to create an elegant looking residence with three levels would not have to make additional alterations to their existing homes. They could add on the extra living space without sacrificing the current value and beauty of their home. A buyer interested in purchasing a home with this triple level design would be happy with their purchase because they are able to maximize their current property.

49×69 | bedroom 2 | toilet 3 | car parking |

49×69 ft front elevation design for triple floor house plan


Plot size – 49.69 ft 3381 sq ft

Direction – east facing


Ground floor


3 Master bedrooms 11.0*15.0 ft, 11.0*12.0 ft,

11.0*11.0 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*4.0 ft, 4

.0*6.0 ft, 5.0*6.0 ft

2 Kitchen 11.0*8.0 ft, 8.0*11.0 ft

2 Living hall 19.0*11.0 ft, 11.0*19.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking 20.0*24.0 ft


First floor


4 Master bedrooms 11.0*15.0 ft, 11.0*11.0 ft,

11.0*15.0 ft, 11.0*11.0 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*4.0 ft, 4.0*6.0 ft,

7.0*4.0 ft, 4.0*6.0 ft

2 Kitchen 11.0*8.0 ft, 11.0*8.0 ft

and dining hall 9.0*9.0 ft, 9.0*9.0 ft

2 Living hall 19.0*11.0 ft, 11.0*19.0 ft

Staircase position inside


first and second floor are the same flat

49×69 ft front elevation design for triple floor house plan

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