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Facts About the 48×89 ft Front Elevation For 2 Floor Home Plan

When looking for a new home you will see some beautiful and affordable homes from the listings of the companies like 4889 ft front elevations for the 2 story home plans. The amazing features and options are many. You will find out more about them. These are high front building plans that will help you with your dreams of home ownership. When you buy this, you can get a home plan with different options like lofts, condos and apartments.

Top 100 front elevation layouts for 2 story residential building plans watch this. You will also find out how to have different floor plans and different floor levels. Home Plan W3 128 Detail from, one floor lofts, two floors living lofts. One Floor Home Plans Single Storey House Plans, House plan for duplexes, triplexes and condos. You will find that this has great home plans, and great prices for a home of your dreams. This is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a single storey home.

This loft plan has a special opportunity for the individual who wants a home with lofts. This plan has the loft area open on the first floor for a perfect staging and entrance. The main purpose of the extra space is to bring the fresh air into the room. It is also perfect for large families.

These plans are designed to fit the needs of everyone. Whether you are a family or a couple wanting to live in a spacious home, this plan will be perfect. This is for a single family or a group of people who share the dream of owning a home together. This loft area can work for you as long as you choose the right floor plan. There are plenty of affordable options for you to choose from.

This plan for a home is truly the most economical way to own a home. You can save a lot when you build your home on your own. It would be very costly to buy a new house. In fact, it would cost you much more than buying a home. You will have control over your home’s design, which means you can also make it as small or as big as you want. You can even have a vacation home in this loft.

This loft would also be a good place for your kids to grow up. Since it is located on the first floor, it wouldn’t be too hard to entertain them. There are also schools nearby so you won’t have to worry about travelling that far. For your own convenience, you can also use the lower levels as extra storage for your gardening tools and household items.

The good thing about this home plan is it allows you to use all the space within your house. You don’t have to rent out places such as a restaurant just to provide you family with food. You can also

have a separate bedroom for your children if you wish. They can study in their rooms and have their own baths when they feel like doing it.

This loft has a great view of the city. Because of its location, you can take full advantage of it. If you’re going to use this as your permanent home then you can continue to add onto the house and make it bigger. You can always build on the plan and sell it when you have built enough units on top of it. So, if you have plans to start a family then this home plan will definitely fit your needs.

48×89 ft front elevation for 2 floor house plan




Plot size – 48.89 ft 4272 sqft

Direction – north facing


Ground floor


 Hall 40.0*63.0 ft

Parking 10.0*20.0 ft

Staircase position outside


First floor


8 master bedrooms 16.0*13.0 ft, 16.0*13.0 ft,

16.0*11.0 ft, 16.0*11.0 ft, 16.0*11.0 ft,

16.0*11.0 ft, 16.0*11.0 ft, 16.0*11.0 ft

and attach toilet 8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft,

8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft, 8.0*5.0 ft

Hall 15.0*20.0 ft

Office 16.0*9.0 ft and attach toilet 7.0*10.0 ft

Store room 8.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position outside

48×89 ft front elevation for 2 floor house plan

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