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48×33 Ft 2 Floor Front Elevation Plan

The house of your dreams could be on the next block away when you decide to build a new home on an average lot with a square footage of at least 1000 ft. For this plot you may need to wait as long as three years to build the house of your dreams, but when it’s done there will be no compromise that can compare to the exquisite architecture and design of this project. This project has been completed with skill and innovation for the best results in energy efficiency and value for your money. It will give you a house that will stand the test of time with the extra conveniences that come with a modern green home.

This plan was designed for the new homeowner who wants to build a home with maximum convenience and value for their money without sacrificing the character of the home. Planning for a project of this scale is done with skill and care to ensure the best outcome possible with the least disruption to your existing property. This plan offers the best of all worlds for the new home owner, with high quality materials that will create a modern house elevation design that will please your guests.

This floor plan offers the best of all worlds with its high quality of materials used and unique contemporary design ideas that will have your neighbors asking you how to build that house they saw in the neighborhood that was built so recently. The architect that designed this plan used traditional materials like stone and brick, but incorporated innovative, modern house design ideas that would have your guests asking you how you built that house so quickly. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the nature in every direction from your master suite to the terrace or even your backyard with this panoramic view. The innovative design that incorporated the use of steel railings as the main entrance way to the house allows you to open up the entire area while still protecting your privacy with the steel barriers.

This modern house plan elevations gives you the opportunity to be outdoors on a spectacular balcony. One side of the balcony has a fire pit with an open fireplace facing the street that allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the downtown area. The patio area facing the house is also finished with beautiful hardwood and bamboo floors finished in a black finish. With a lazy Susan attached to one of the columns of the balcony, you will always have that comfortable, relaxing chair to curl up on after a hard day at work or watching your kids play. The stairway leading to the patio from the master bedroom also has a hand carved wooden hand railing finishing the look of the room.

You will also have easy access to the patio and terrace through the tub and shower room that are finished in natural stone and wicker. This large soaking tub will allow you to enjoy a relaxing soak in the outdoor heated pool area. Overlooking the back of the tub, you will discover a comfortable sitting area complete with an over-sized coffee table and end tables. This modern house plan

elevation has all the comforts of the inside master bath with an additional wide and deep soaking tub that will give you the ultimate soaking experience.

The two bathrooms located on this page are finished in dark polished marble with two small whirlpool baths that have a jetted hydrotherapy system. These luxurious bathrooms will give you all the convenience of a full size bath in addition to having the luxury of the jetted whirlpool Jacuzzi bath. With the jetted whirlpool bath system, you will never have to worry about getting cold water on your face while taking a relaxing hot shower. The large luxurious master bath completed with beautiful hardwood flooring and wall coverings will give you the room to relax and rejuvenate after a long day of hard work.

The master and guest bedroom on this page are finished in dark wood finished with a modern house elevation plan that is boxed in. The master bedroom has been finished with a dark solid wood canopy that wraps around the entire bedroom from ceiling to floor to provide complete privacy. This contemporary house elevation has all the luxuries of the master bedroom with added pizazz of a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath and a luxurious soaking tub. The two guest bedrooms finished in beautiful American cherry wood with high gloss wallpaper and decorative art work of local and international award winning designers are the perfect place to start your contemporary house design plans.

This site is not only set up to teach house elevation designers how to make a plan for their own home but it also provides easy access to the official Home Plan drawings and Building Design Plans for all levels of government agencies as well as city planning and development departments. So if you are a master architect or planning your own home, check out the site for its variety of free home plans. This is an excellent site for finding inspiration on house designs from all over the world. You can download the House Elevation Project database as well as other important information about floor plans and building designs. The database is updated every week and has enough information for architects, builders, architects, engineers and home buyers to help them achieve their dream home.

48×33 ft 2 floor front elevation plan



Plot size – 48.33 ft 1584 sq ft

Direction – south facing


Ground floor


Parking 48.0*33.0 ft

Staircase position outside


First floor


4 common bedrooms 11.0*10.0 ft, 11.0*10.0 ft,

12.0*10.0 ft, 10.0*10.0 ft

Common toilet 5.0*8.0 ft, 5.0*8.0 ft

Kitchen 8.0*8.0 ft, 8.0*8.0 ft

Hall 23.0*13.0 ft, 23.0*13.0 ft

Staircase position outside


48×33 ft 2 floor front elevation plan

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