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47×38 Ft Indian Home Elevation Design Photo Gallery

Have you ever looked at an Indian home elevation design photo gallery and marveled at the amazing house elevation plans? There are so many amazing designs to admire in India and its home designers have done such wonderful work that they can be easily classified into modern, traditional and rustic homes. The traditional styles include such lovely layouts as Nandimukha (astronomical), Tulsi (windmill), Bhakra (palace), Pushkar (temple), Kalikaheera (palace), Jokraj(cottage house) and the like. The modern home designs are so trendy that you don’t even need a dictionary to decipher their meaning.

You will get to see what 47×38ft Indian home elevations has to offer by visiting their website. In the website, one can also view their wonderful designs and choose the best one for your home. The incredible views of the mountains, beautiful landscapes, rivers, valleys, lakes and waterfalls will definitely mesmerize you. What’s more, the expert interior decorators have designed the houses keeping your needs and budget in mind, so that you do not end up in a compromise.

The amazing Indian single floor home elevations have everything that you desire for in a single house. The rooms have been well decorated and the interiors have been planned meticulously with the comforts you need in mind. You will get your share of quiet moments here, with your family members sharing delightful times together. The staff at the store will be there to answer your queries at any point of time.

The exterior designing is done by expert architects, while interior designing is done by an interior designer with the assistance of the Indian interior decorators. The entire process will be supervised by the experienced staff at the store. The 4738 ft Indian single floor house front elevation plans and other Indian home elevations are designed in such a way that they are suitable for both the urban and the rural homes. The entire interior of the homes is done keeping in mind the environmental factors. They make use of natural colors and materials, so that the color and texture do not fade away with passage of time.

It is necessary to maintain the cleanliness in the house in order to keep it free from insect and mildew. The Indian home design ideas and other India single or double floor home designs are Eco-friendly. The concept is eco-friendly because the materials used for building are mostly eco friendly. It is also safe for the environment and does not cause any harm to the environment at all. The reason is that, the use of recycled materials is done. Also, the home designers use only water-based paints.

With the help of the 4738 ft Indian single or double floor home elevation design photo gallery you can get the best design of your home. You will get to see how the concept evolved and how it is being implemented in the real building. You can also have a look on the pre-built or the ready-to-move in houses. This will help you understand your requirements better and will also help you determine the viability of buying a house in this area.

This Indian home elevation design photo gallery has various house designs of various sizes and with different construction techniques. You will get to know about the various techniques of building the construction. You will come to know about the different materials, methods, technologies, etc. adopted by the developers for building their homes.

There are many advantages of choosing an Indian single or double floor plan. It is because the developer makes use of various technologies like steel, concrete, and timber while constructing the building. They use energy-efficient technology for construction so that the electricity bills are less. Also, due to these reasons you can also save your money.

47×38 ft indian home elevation design photo gallery double floor plan


House plan details


Plot size => 47*38 ft 1786 sq ft

Direction => West


Ground floor

1 Master bedroom => 10’0*9’0 ft

1 Common bed room => 10’0*13’0 ft

1 Hall => 13’0*23’3 ft

1 Kitchen => 10’0*12’0 ft

1 Attach Toilet => 5’0*4’5 ft

1 Common toilet => 5’0*4’5 ft

1 Bath room => 5’0*9’0 ft

Pooja room=> 6’0*7’0 ft

2 Drawing room =>10’0*17’0 ft, 15’0*9’0 ft

Store room =>8’0*9’0 ft

1 sit out => 6’0*10’0 ft

Parking => 11’0*9’0 ft


First floor

1 Hall => 10’0*29’0 ft

2 Bedrooms => 10’0*13’0 ft, 10’0*12’0

1 Toilet => 4’5*4’0 ft


47×38 ft indian home elevation design photo gallery double floor plan

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