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Modern House Front Elevation Designs For All Your Needs

You will find many different types of home plans, but you can build a house with the proper building elevation using a 41×48 ft building height model. This is one of the models that most home builders are familiar with. They are often called Pocket Building Plans because you can fit them into a very small area. In addition, this type of elevation plan will allow you to add on another level if needed. Read this 41×48 ft building elevation single floor plan review to learn more about this type of elevation plan.

This is a simple home front elevation design photo gallery home plan. You will find that this design is great for a two story house. In addition, you will be able to add on another floor if desired.

The main building feature in this four-level plan is the single level front. This single floor home design is easy to build and it is a terrific way to add a new dimension to your backyard or front porch. When you combine a wonderful roof line with this simple, but elegant design element, you get a house elevation designs that everyone will enjoy for many years.

The four-level roof line is a great feature for any home. This is especially true when you consider the fact that it can also be easily added on to another floor. When you use the single lofted design with the perfect single storey storage, you get a wonderful indoor/outdoor living space that you can take advantage of year-round. This is a great indoor/outdoor home plans option for people who like the outdoorsy feel of an Indian home.

In addition to the single storey and attic storage, this indoor/outdoor plan also has a master suite and an additional guest room. When you combine the indoor/outdoor features with the master suite, you get the ultimate indoor/outdoor living area. This indoor/outdoor home elevation design gallery offers a fantastic assortment of home elevations, floor plans and lot layouts. With its beautiful architecture, this Indian landscape allows for you to add to it whenever you please.

Looking through this fascinating exhibit, you’ll find many intriguing and innovative floor plans and designs. There are elevations with terraces or parts which are straight. There are even several different floor plans with curved floors, as well as numerous levels. This Indian landscape is made out of multiple and intricate building elevations, which is why many architects and interior designers have incorporated this Indian landscape into many homes across the United States.

A few of the home front design house elevations include: The Nantucket, The Okemos, The Colonie, and The Plymouth. The Okemos is a Cape Cod house elevation, which allows for a beautiful water front view. The Colonie is designed on a peninsula surrounded by a forest. The Plymouth is a Single Level plan residence, which allows for an ocean view.

There are many other interesting and intriguing home elevation designs. They are all available through this wonderful home front design photo gallery. From a single story house, to a double story house, there are so many amazing home elevation designs to choose from. Explore the many interesting types of Indian home elevations and you are sure to find one that will be perfect for your personal needs.

These elevations can be found in many different materials and styles. You can find simple flat roofs, or you can find more complex and elaborate roof systems. You can choose between many different floor plans and even select a deck. Explore the modern house front elevation design photo gallery and select the roof you like the best. Then continue to explore the other options available for your needs and desires.

There are many different features available on these building plans. Take the time to browse through various home front elevation photos and select the features you like the most. Also, take a close look at the price. From single story homes, two two-story homes, two three-story homes; there is a large selection of different price points to consider.

Explore the many different options available for your modern house elevation designs. From simple single story homes to more intricate and detailed multi-level house plans. You have an incredible amount of choice in today’s modern house plans. The best part about exploring this modern house front elevation design gallery is the unlimited amount of research time you have.

41×48 ft building elevation single floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size => 41’0 *48’0 ft  1968 sq ft

Direction =>  west


Ground floor


2 bedroom =>15’0*14’3 ft ,15’0*14’3 ft

1 Kitchen =>22’6*13’0 ft

1 living area  =>22’6*12’0 ft

1 pooja room =>5’0*4’10 ft

Store Room => 9’9*7’0 ft

Front out =>13’9*10’0 ft

Staircase => inside


41×48 ft building elevation single floor plan

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