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How To Design A Beautiful Front Yard Using Indian Style Two Story Plan?

If you are looking for a beautiful house front design, Indian style with two-story plan is the right choice for you. In India, there are many varieties of two-story homes including Indian cottage and bungalow homes. But, if we talk about two-story home it will have three or more rooms and will be spacious. Most people are confused about the style when it comes to these homes. In this article, we are going to discuss some important aspects related to house front design.

Planning of any home can start from home to the next building and so the process of designing Indian style home starts with the first step. For example, to build a bungalow, you first have to start with the building of the bungalow. You cannot start the building process of bungalow without first building the house.

You cannot start the process of designing Indian style house front design if you do not have the required drawings or any designs at all. So, to begin with the process, start with your office supplies such as the drawing paper and also theirs or paints. Do not use paints that are for interior only. These paints can spoil the looks of the house-front design. You have to buy these paints from the paint store.

You will also require a tape measure to measure the dimensions. You can get the tape measure from the building supply store. It is very important to follow the building plans carefully. These plans should also be followed carefully so that there are no problems during the building process.

After preparing the basic drawings, you should cut all the wood materials that are required in building the house. The wood pieces should be arranged neatly so that you can easily find the required piece. You can also arrange the metal pieces which are required in the construction of the building. This will help you to finish the project within the time period.

The next step is to choose the right design of bungalow from the available plans. You should select the Indian style bungalow that will suit the exterior and interior decor of your home. You should look for the style that you like the most. Once you have made the decision, you should start construction. You can hire an experienced carpenter or a mason to accomplish this task. If you can afford him, you can also hire some construction worker to help you in the completion of the project.

You should give proper attention to every small detail in the Indian style plan. All the plan and drawings should be done meticulously. The foundation should be given the necessary attention as well. If you can follow the instructions properly, you will be able to complete the entire building in a short period of time.

You can look for a good plan in the Internet. There are many websites that offer different designs of Indian style homes. If you are planning to build a bungalow on your own, you should check if the plan includes the required information and details. You can also take a home study course which will help you in understanding the complete building procedure. You can easily complete the task of building your own two-story Indian style house front design with the help of a good plan.

If you have chosen an ideal plan and have built your bungalow, then it is time to decorate your house front design properly. Before starting with the interior designing, select colors that will go well with the interior design. Selecting the right color for the interior will also help in improving the beauty of your bungalow. If you want to give a new look to your house-front design, you can consider having an Indian style door knocker. This wooden tool will make a great addition to your front door and it is quite impressive as well.

You can also get this beautiful wooden tool at any local hardware store or if you do not have any nearby hardware store, you can just order it online. Once you get this amazing front design accessory, you will not have to bother about visitors knocking at your door or ruining your carefully decorated bungalow. You can get many such interesting accessories online. It is also worth to remember that if you do not have enough money to purchase these items, you can buy ready made front design packages from any local home improvement center.

You should also get some good quality furniture pieces for your bungalow. You can select tables with modern looking tops and add some comfortable chairs along with it. If you think that the look of your bungalow is complete, then you can add modern lighting fixtures. You should choose designs and materials that go well with your home and fit in perfectly. With all these things in place, you will be able to design your house front design properly.

40×50 ft house front design indian style two story plan elevation


House plan details


Plot size => 40*50 ft 2000 sq ft 

Direction => West


Ground floor

2 Master bedroom => 11’0*13’3 ft, 10’3*13’3 ft

1 Common bed room => 12’0*12’0 ft

1 Hall => 15’3*26’6 ft

1 Kitchen => 10’0*10’0 ft

2 Attach Toilet => 7’0*5’0 ft, 7’0*5’0 ft

1 Common toilet => 3’6*7’0 ft

Pooja room=> 4’5*4’9 ft

Store room =>4’5*5’0 ft

Parking => 16’6*7’0 ft


ground and first floor are the same flat

40×50 ft house front design indian style two story plan elevation

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