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36×61 Ft Home Front Elevation Design Single Floor Plan

If you are looking for home design photos of home plans with stairs that go up to a beautiful single story home then look no further than “36×61 Ft Home Front Elevation Design”. It is an amazing single story low floor home design by ReadyHooked which features a beautiful stair design that goes up to a spectacular staircase that has two flights of stairs going to the second floor. This stair system goes up to a beautiful open plan kitchen and even includes a large second floor master bedroom. The stairs also go up to a stunning circular wet room that features a whirlpool spa.

There are many plans on the market that include a staircase that goes up to a fantastic location but do not offer an open plan floor plan. These types of floor plans are perfect for condos or apartments where the layout would not allow for a straight staircase. Single story homes require a different set up, since it is the main attraction to the home. The entire floor plans should be carefully thought out and executed so that the home does not look crowded or disorganized. The good news is that ReadyHooked offers a number of beautiful single story home designs that utilize the use of circular stair designs.

The circular sidewalk area will provide the home owner with the ideal amount of room to maneuver around and entertain visitors comfortably. The “Sirius” also utilizes an innovative method for creating the ground-floor house at a very low cost. It was built on the Knoll Mountain site, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful rolling hillsides in the entire Eastern seaboard region of the United States. This mountain is considered to be at the very bottom most part of the entire Eastern Seaboard. Due to its unique geographical location, no other Eastern seaboard city has a mountain with a similar elevation to Knoll Mountain.

The entire” Sirius” was built using the method of laminates which means that each panel of the” Sirius” was manufactured in a factory and then set to a computer controlled cutting machine to create each individual panel. Each panel of the “Sirius” is then attached to the other panels by way of fiberglass tubing. The finishing process of the “Sirius” involved painting each individual panel in the color of the home owners choice. It is possible to view all of the exterior and interior porch designs of “Sirius” on the web at any time during the day. All you have to do is logon to the” Sirius” website at any time during the day and you can have a free overview of all exterior porch designs by simply walking through the large gallery of the” Sirius” website.

The 36×51 Ft home front elevation designs of” Sirius” will definitely provide the individual with the opportunity to have a small town living feel in their very own “circular village.” This will allow each home owner to enjoy the beauty of being “on the ground” in their very own community. ” Sirius” is not only a great way to live in your own community but it will also provide you with a unique chance to provide the best house plans for your own personal needs. You will have the benefit of selecting from many different house plans, architectural styles and home elevations.

You will be able to choose from many different floor plans, architectural styles and home elevations including circular layouts, pentacles, triangles, octagons, rectangles and so much more. The “Sirius” house front elevation design house plans are truly going to give each individual the chance to design the home of their dreams. You will have the luxury of living in a community that offers you the benefits of a gated entry, security gate, swimming pool, tennis/fitness facility, club house, gated garage, club house with attached garage, two story deck, and much more. There will be ample parking for each vehicle and each home will provide you with easy access to the rest of your community as well.

You will also have the ability to choose from a single or multi-level layout. Your “Sirius” plan can be an architecturally challenging home plan in many cases. This house plan will provide you with a great sense of space. You can find a lot of information on” Sirius” and” Sirius 360 Degree House Plans” by searching on the Internet. Check it out!

36×61 ft home front elevation design single floor plan


House plan details


Plot size => 36*61 ft 2196 sq ft

Direction => North


Ground floor

2 Master bedroom => 13’3*14’0 ft, 13’3*14’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 15’9*14’0 ft

2 Attach Toilet => 8’0*7’0 ft, 9’0*7’0 ft

 Living =>15’9*14’4 ft

Parking =>9’0*15’5 ft


36×61 ft home front elevation design single floor plan

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