ground floor house front elevation

Single Floor House Elevations

Single floor home design with stunning architecture features for modern lifestyle of living is possible with the help of 35×55ft Ft house front elevation plan. It is one of the most elegant designs in construction. Three spectacular terraces are provided to give the best single story house plan at most affordable prices. It has huge area for outdoor entertainment and for entertaining.

Single story house front elevation has lots of space for space utilization. Huge open space is provided in front for easy access to back yard, patio or parking area. Patio, deck and driveway are provided on every level. In future, as your kids grow up and become professionals, you can use small house front elevation plan for commercial purpose.

Single storey modern house front elevation plan comes with full basement and crawl space. Basement has two levels and the first is comparatively larger than second. The third is comparatively smaller than second and has less amount of space. That is why, you must use the crawl space for storage purpose and that will reduce the cost of construction considerably.

Smaller but efficient design is provided with the help of three different elevation front elevation designs. It gives spaciousness inside the house without overcrowding. This type of design modern house plans is more expensive than a large single story design but you will get more space inside your house. For more details and ideas you can take the help of internet.

You can also find some beautiful houses from the past. They have single story and high ceilings in the old times. You can choose from such old homes to come up with your own modern house front elevation plan. Just spend a little time on the internet to find the right house plans and architecture. Modern house plans are not just easy to build, but also give maximum utilization of available space.

Single story house front elevations plan with high ceilings and few rooms is difficult to build, but not impossible. It is not easy to build big rooms like living room and bedroom. You need to add a huge staircase. So, it is necessary to add proper staircases. In this case, the best choice would be to use the single story house front elevations design. This type of design modern house plans is good because you can move out when you have more, required space.

In addition to this, you can find some traditional types of elevations. They are simple and traditional, but they are not safe at all. They can lead you to health problems. So, choose to go with the best and choose to go with the 35×55 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan. The three story house front elevation is great because you will not face any problem with the height. This design is perfect if you live in a small town or island.

So, you must make a decision and choose the right one. Look for the best quality and then decide what type of design you need. Remember, the better quality the design, the more expensive it will be. So, think about your needs and then decide which one is better.

Another important thing is that you should go for the traditional house plans front elevation design. If you want a modern house front elevation, it is not possible. Only traditional house front elevation design will help you in this regard. You can also use this as the base of your single story house plans. It will be a nice idea to choose the house front elevation plan and then build your house on it.

You can also look for the modern house front elevation. You can see the different house plans with this kind of elevation. Modern house front elevation means the elevation is not required from the ground level. The house plans with this kind of elevation is great for single-story houses. You can also use this as the base of your multi-story house.

Most of the people prefer to use modern house front elevations in their houses. It will give a great look to your house and also make it more durable and strong. So, make sure you have a beautiful plan for your single story house. It will be great for your house and will be great for your home.

35×55 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>  35*55 ft 1925 sq ft

Direction => North

Ground floor

1 bedroom =>14’0*13’0 ft

1 toilet =>10’0*6’0 ft

1 drawing room =>10’0*13’0 ft

1 Hall => 14’0*16’0 ft

staircase position => outside


35×55 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan

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