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Enjoy An Ideal Modern House Design With A Gallery Of Images

Are you in search of a modern house design picture gallery? If you are the owner of a home that does not offer any type of vision for your future, then you really should pay attention to what the different features of the various home designs offer. A good point of concern is the question of how you can get a better view of your options, if not through pictures of real home designs. For one thing, you may need to consider a double story home design for your own personal needs. Check out these popular floor plans and you will be able to see some excellent ideas for your own home.

The two-story home plan offers plenty of space. You will be able to make use of the extra space for a large family with enough room to accommodate everyone. The additional floor plan will also enable you to build an entire new floor plan just for your needs. A two-story home is an excellent choice when you are looking for extra storage space or even a master bedroom suite.

One popular modern house design picture gallery would have to include the Le Solier castle on the grounds of Saint Pierre island. This beautiful castle sits on the shore and was built in the year twelve hundreds by Count Philippe d’Avignon. Built of stone and surrounded by a lush garden, the entire area is very peaceful and serene. The entire location is ideal for anyone who enjoys a quiet moment outdoors.

The Cote D’Azur is another gorgeous spot that you will certainly want to take a look at. This beautiful spot is located on the island of Corsica and is surrounded by waters, which extend to the French Riviera. The surrounding landscape is very picturesque with large trees and even mountains in the background. This picture gallery of luxury will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty that is offered here.

Looking for more of a relaxed feel? A vacation home on the French Riviera could be just the thing for you. This area is so picturesque that it is easy to relax and enjoy the scenery and everything that are offered up by this exclusive vacation spot. If you enjoy spending time outside and doing things such as enjoying the swimming pool, then this area may be just the perfect choice for you.

Perhaps you would like to have an office right on your property? How about a wine cellar? These are all possibilities that can easily be created on your own property. They are a fun project and something that you can do on your own. It is not difficult and there are many sites online that would walk you through the process step-by-step.

You can also have a contemporary theme in your home. This would include bringing in more of the nature into your surroundings. One way to do this would be to include natural elements throughout your home. This would include incorporating hardwood floors throughout and utilizing colors that are closer to nature such as earth tones and greens. This gallery will provide you with plenty of options when it comes to choosing a modern house design. You can view many different options and take your time before making any decisions.

A modern house design should utilize the available space. This means that you should make sure that every square footage is utilized to its fullest potential. If there are certain areas that seem to be wasted space, then you can make adjustments in order to improve these areas. You can even consider making additions to the exterior of your property. This can include adding landscaping and enhancing your landscape features.

35×50 ft modern house design picture gallery double floor plan elevation

House plan details

Plot size =>  35*50 ft 1750 sq ft

Direction => North

Ground floor

2 bedroom =>10’0*14’6 ft , 10’0*14’6 ft

2 Bathroom =>4’0*5’0 ft ,4’0*5’0 ft

2 Dining room =>8’0*12’0 ft ,8’0*12’0 ft

2 Drawing room => 10’0*16’0 ft ,10’0*16’0 ft

2 Kitchen => 8’0*9’0 ft ,8’0*9’0 ft

2 parking =>8’0*15’0 ft , 8’0*15’0 ft

First floor

4 Bedroom => 10’0*18’0 ft ,10’0*18’0 ft , 14’0*10’0 ft , 14’0*10’0 ft

2  toilet => 6’0*4’0 ft ‘6’0*4’0 ft

2 Balcony =>15’0*8’0 ft , 15’0*8’0 ft

2 Living area => 16’0*8’0 ft ,16’0*8’0 ft     


35×50 ft modern house design picture gallery double floor plan elevation

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