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35×50 ft Indian Style House Design And Layout

There are many reasons for why one would need to purchase a 35×50 ft Indian style home plan and elevation. While the first reason is due to the simple fact that an individual would need to have a house that is a several-story building when they decide on a home build. The second reason, as mentioned is because of the amount of money that can be spent in constructing this type of home.

There are many different companies that are able to construct such homes. In fact, the best way to get one of these floor plans is from a reputable Indian general contractor. There are companies out there that will only use substandard materials in the building of these homes. If this were to happen then there is a good chance that someone could get seriously injured.

When looking at a typical Indian styled home, you will see that there are many different elements involved. One of those is the floor plan itself. You can choose a floor plan that involves both the main entrance and the main living room area. This can be done through the use of a large rectangular door that leads to a staircase that leads to a landing. Another interesting feature is the large staircase that leads up to the front porch.

These Indian home designs feature a large rectangular door that leads to a large front porch. Most of these homes also have a stairway that leads up to that front porch area. Many Indian home plans have a large foyer area that leads to a formal dining room. There are also formal sitting rooms in some of these homes. The dining room is often open to a balcony.

If one looks at a typical American house design, you will see that the floor plan is quite different. The floor plan is much smaller and is set up more like a courtyard or a patio. The kitchen is usually placed on the first or second floor. There may be a large eating area where you can eat lunch or dinner. Around this area there would usually be a separate sitting area such as a veranda.

Another interesting feature of an Indian style floor plan is the use of a mud room. This is a small room that is dug into the ground for a home storage area. There are typically four to five rooms in this room, which are separated by ceramic tile floors. There is a hole in the center of the floor plan where the mud room door can be opened. Inside, you can store items such as blankets, furniture, and other items.

An interesting part of an Indian style floor plan is the use of a raised deck to the front and rear of the house. This is a concrete deck that is about two feet in the front and two feet in the back. On the southern end of the house, you will find a small veranda that overlooks the back yard. To the north, there are a covered walkway and a gate that lead to a gated entrance.

When you are looking at an Indian floor plan home, there are many things to take into consideration. First of all, it is important to remember that while many of these designs were designed originally for small homes, they work well in larger homes as well. They are a great way to add some character to an entryway or front porch. If you have never seen an Indian floor plan, it is definitely worth taking a look at one.

35×50 ft house design indian style ground floor home plan and elevation


house plan details


Plot size – 35.50 ft 1750 sq ft

Direction – south facing

Ground floor

1 Master bedroom 11.0*14.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*6.0 ft

1 Common Bedroom 12.0*12.0 ft

Common toilet 5.0*6.0 ft

Drawing room 13.0*13.0 ft

Kitchen 9.0*10.0 ft

Hall 12.0*14.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking 10.0*8.0 ft


35×50 ft house design indian style ground floor home plan and elevation

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