35×30ft Simple Indian House Design Picture and Concept by Amish Projects

Easy Indian house floor plan and elevation are provided by the 35×30ft simple Indian house floor plan and elevation. The floor plans and elevations help you build in easier. Easy Indian house floor plans and elevations are available on the Internet. You can download the plan, download the elevation and order by phone or Fax.

There is an option to make a site visit for getting more information. The site visit helps to get an overview of the proposed project. To know more about this Indian, modern engineering, you have to visit the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi (INTSD).

It has a wide variety of modern buildings in the architectural history of India. The 3530ft Simple Indian House Design Picture Ground Floor Home Plan and Elevation are one such building in the museum. This particular building has a unique design and features many trendy features that make it stand among the rest of the other modern houses in the vicinity. The construction is done using state-of-the-art technology to facilitate a speedy and easy construction of this house. The house was completed within the stipulated time.

The building has a fully air conditioned atrium. The system of water dispensing and air conditioning used is state of the art. You can also enjoy the swimming pool facilities and a gym facility. The entire site is provided with a well-planned and beautiful landscape.

The site elevations are done carefully by experienced and qualified professionals. The site elevations are designed keeping in mind the various requirements of different localities. These elevations are then transferred to the builders. The experts give importance to the details while transferring elevations. The site elevations are transferred from the CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) to the constructions, so that there is no room for error.

The entire construction of the building takes place under the cover of a warranty agreement. The warranty period is long, and this means that you have the satisfaction of getting a fantastic structure that will surely last for a considerable period of time. The 35×30ft simple Indian house design and photo ground floor plan are delivered to your doorstep as per your convenience.

The Indian firm has been in the business of building residential as well as commercial projects for over a decade now. The firm ensures a perfect and hassle free construction of the project. The 35×30ft simple Indian house design and photo ground floor plan are some of their best products.


The team at 35×30ft looks after every minute detail. In case any problems arise during the construction of the project, they immediately take corrective measures. The firm is well equipped with modern machinery, so that construction of the project can go on smoothly without any hiccups. The site elevations of this residential building are done on the basis of satellite images and are thus accurate. The floor plan and interior structures of the project are done after the project is implemented.

The architect of the firm is responsible for all the architectural works associated with the project, apart from the floor plan and interiors. This also includes the site works like laying down the carpets, installing the plaster, etc. The architect also deals with matters related to landscaping and electricity, as the island is well connected to the mainland by a power plant.

The layout and design of the building will depend upon the proposed use of the space. The floor plan for the residential complex includes one, two and three bedroom apartments. The apartment buildings have a combined garage, sunning porch and outdoor deck area. They also include an open lounge area and swimming pool.

The project has been designed by a team of experienced architects who have a proven track record in the industry. The architect has managed to create a beautiful yet simple Indian style house, which is fully fitted with all the amenities. The architects have made sure that the main structure and the ground floor of the duplex are based on the Andaman arch. In this way, you can get the feeling of the magnificent temples that once stood here.

The building will also incorporate the main features of the Andaman Island. The entire complex will be laid out on the ground level, and hence the landscape of the area will be completely visible. The interior of the duplex is separated into three different parts: a single family living area, an entertainment lounge and a gym. All the three parts of the building are well equipped with all the modern amenities. When it comes to the security measures, the architects have spent considerable time and effort in ensuring the best security arrangements. The plan offers excellent views of the sea and the sunset, and hence you do not have to worry about the privacy factor at all.

35×30 ft simple indian house design picture ground floor home plan and elevation


house plan details


Plot size – 35.30 ft 1050 sq ft

Direction – west facing 

Ground floor

1 Master bedroom 11.0*12.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*6.0 ft

Common toilet 4.0*5.0 ft

Drawing room 10.0*10.0 ft

Kitchen 9.0*9.0 ft

Hall 10.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking 10.0*10.0 ft


35×30 ft simple indian house design picture ground floor home plan and elevation

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