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The 32×120 Ft Home Design Image, Triple Story House Plan and Elevation View

The 32×120 ft home design image, triple story house plan and elevation is an example of a new home design that features an interior courtyard. These are the first new homes to be built from the ground up in many parts of the world and showcase some of the newest materials being used. The design was created by architects with more than thirty years of experience. They designed the house so that it would have three stories, but still retain a modern appearance. In addition, they planned the yard area so well that you would think there were a lot more floors in the structure than actually there.

The designers chose to use a metal fabricated sectional garage as the foundation for this new triple story home. Each floor was then topped off with concrete floors to provide the best insulation. This gave them the ability to create a home with the most modern features available at this time.

The images and plans of the triple story house were developed using state-of-the-art computer software. The building would then be assembled to give the perfect image of the finished product. This is not the same software used to create images for houses in the past, but it is an extremely accurate building simulation system that can replicate an exact size and shape of a home without any irregularities.

The exterior was carefully designed to be seamless so that the exterior elements of the home do not clash with the interior. This also included a new driveway that was heated and drained properly. There is also a brand new gated entryway to the exterior of the property.

The interior was carefully planned to include all of the features that are needed. The floor plan includes the kitchen and bathroom with island design elements. The top of the house is about three floors higher than the rest of the floor plan to allow for ample room for any future home expansions or remodeling.

The elevation of the home is designed to provide easy visualization of the outside and easy landscaping if necessary. The roof is a flat roof that includes gentle slopes around the house to provide extra clearance. The trellis system adds to the elegant look of the house plan. The trellis system allows for easy maintenance of the vines around the exterior and patio areas. These vines will add to the beauty of the triple story house as well as providing privacy when desired.

The basement space has been designed with two levels that provide easy access to the upper living areas. There is also additional space under the home for possible future use. There is a generous amount of storage space under the home including closets, utility rooms, an attic, wet bar, custom built or store bought closets, game rooms, boat dock and patio with back yard BBQ area. There is a generous amount of space for outdoor entertaining with a beautiful back patio and a dock area. The home design software provides plenty of options in the kitchen and bathrooms with plenty of room for installing walk-in sinks, dishwashers and more.

The basement is planned with a three-level design to provide easy access to the upper levels. The total floor plan has the kitchen and bath with optional loft or second floor for additional living space. The trellis system adds to the beauty of the home design. The home plans have many other additional options such as a guest suite, decking area, garage and sunroom. Additional upgrades such as a new furnace, air conditioning, gas fireplace and water heater can be installed at a later stage if desired.

32×120 ft home design image triple story house plan and elevation


house plan details


Land area 32*120 ft 3840 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


Parking 32*120 ft


On 1 floor


3 Master bedroom 11*10 ft, 11*10 ft, 11*10 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*3.0 ft, 7.0*3.0 ft, 7.0*3.0 ft

3 common bedroom 10*10 ft, 10*11 ft, 11*12 ft,

and common toilet 7*4 ft, 7*4 ft, 7*4 ft

3 dining and Living hall 18*18 ft, 13*14 ft, 14*11 ft

3 Kitchens 7.0*7.0 ft, 9.0*8.0 ft, 7.0*7.0 ft

Staircase position outside


1 floor and 2 floors are the same flat


32×120 ft home design image triple story house plan and elevation

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