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Why Choose 30×50 Ft House Design

In case you want to design your dream home that will be the envy of your neighborhood, then you must consider 30×50 ft Indian style house plans. The plans are easily available and you can easily find these on the Internet. You can also buy plans from your local Indian real estate agents or any of your relatives who have recently built a house or a bungalow. These houses are designed in such a way so as to maximize the space within a limited area. Hence, more people can live in the same size area.

The floor plan of the 30×50 ft Indian style house front elevation plan consists of three levels including the building’s first floor, the second floor and the basement. There are two staircases which run from the first floor to the basement of the house. The staircase is parallel to the wall and extends all the way up to the terrace.

This plan was originally designed by Subodh Gupta, who is an architect from India. You can get this plan in almost all real estate websites over the Internet. 3050 ft house plans are ideal for bungalows or bungalow houses, which are usually constructed with two stories.

This house design has a unique feature of having a planned single large entry point. This single large entrance is constructed along with stairs which extends all the way up to the terrace. The entire plan of this floor plan is constructed in such a manner so as to make the building very elegant and beautiful.

This plan of architecture was inspired by the bungalow homes in India. Bungalow means a house which is built in a bungalow style. The architects used several traditional Indian building materials in building this beautiful home. They used traditional Indian wood like teak, mahogany and bamboo. These materials were used to construct this beautiful home.

You can also use the Indian style plan of house design if you wish to build a bungalow or a villa. This plan actually resembles a villa in the way it is designed. Only difference is that the villas are more spacious and many have the facility of AC in them. There are also many facilities provided by the owners like swimming pool, exercise area, swimming table and others. These facilities are not available in bungalows. The house design plan uses white and beige colored bricks in building the villa.

This plan provides the basic features which are needed in building a home for yourself. The house has a large kitchen area with dining area and a family area which are open on the terrace. It also has a large sitting area and a large conservatory, which are great for letting out the smell of cooking. There is also a porch which is beautifully designed. You will also get a large balcony which provides a breathtaking view of the verandas which are attached to the house.

You will be surprised to know that the entire cost of building this home is less than that of a bungalow. So you need not worry about the cost of building your house. All you need is to plan properly before constructing a house of your own. 30×50 ft house designs in Indian style also provides you with the benefit of increasing the value of your property. This is because when people visit your home they will find the entire place very comfortable and beautiful.

You will be amazed to know that the cost of making a home is much lower as compared to bungalows. So the entire construction cost will be less. You can also use this money to buy a new home. The reason being that the house will have the same price as that of an ordinary house. Hence you will have more money to spend on other things such as food, clothes, holidays and even education.

The house plan also allows you to have a beautiful exterior. Since it is located on the ground, you can afford to build it at a higher level. Hence you will get a nice scenic view of your surroundings from inside the house. This is a big advantage because you will be able to let your kids enjoy nature from within your home.

If you are looking for a perfect home that will last long and stay strong then the Indian style floor plan homes are ideal for you. These homes are designed in such a way so that they don’t need to be renovated too often. If you want to get a good and durable house for your family, then make sure that you opt for a new Indian home. After all your investment in building your home should not go waste.

30×50 ft house design indian style ground floor plan elevation


house plan details


Land area 30*50 ft 1500 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


2 master bedroom 12*14 ft, 12*14 ft

and attach toilet 4.0*8.0 ft, 8.0*4.0 ft

Dining and Living hall 16*10 ft

Kitchen 8.0*12.0 ft

One drawing room 12*11 ft

and common toilet 4.0*8.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking 9.0*16.0 ft


30×50 ft house design indian style ground floor plan elevation

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