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Amazing Home Designs Of Kerala

One of the home designs in Kerala that has captured the hearts of many people who are looking for a beautiful and warm house is the 30×40ft house plan and its elevation. It has an exceptional landscape that encompasses not just the sprawling tea gardens, but a dramatic view of the blue waters surrounding the kundalini mountains. The spectacular view is very soothing when one thinks about the idyllic tranquility that prevails in this hill station.

The architects who have created this beautiful house have succeeded in creating a house that not only looks appealing from outside, but has the comfortable ambience inside that people enjoy almost all the time. The interior design of this house has been designed keeping in mind the lifestyle of the residents. This is a perfect example of how one can bring different elements from all the aspects of design to create a home that is both comfortable and livable. The house has two stories that offer lush greenery as well as spacious rooms. The unique style that the designers used has made it stand among the rest.

As this is located on the foothills, the lush greenery around is stunning. The house has an amazing view and the garden that surrounds it is equally good looking. The internal design of the house features waterfalls and fountains that add to the overall appeal of the house. The intricate carvings in plaster and paintings along the walls make the house truly beautiful.

This is one of the amazing home designs that features a combination of traditional and modern structures. The beauty of the structure is encapsulated in the form of a building that is surrounded by an amazing landscape of mountains and greenery. The architect has used the natural beauty of the place to perfect the building. It is completely watertight and provides all the necessities for a comfortable residence. The terrace offers breathtaking views of the surrounding and the home has all the facilities that are required for a comfortable living.

The home of this designer house has all the amenities that are required for a comfortable home. It has an indoor swimming pool that is surrounded by lush green environment. There is a lounge that offers seating arrangements and an excellent dining option. There are a home cinema set within the area and the home has internet connection as well. The home theatre system is of superior quality and offers great viewing pleasure.

This is one of the amazing Kerala home designs that uses beautiful traditional architecture and modern interiors. The architecture of the house is amazing and the interiors incorporate the best of modern furniture making the abode extremely comfortable. The beautiful garden is surrounded by a lush green surroundings. It has amazing fountains and waterfalls that add to the beauty of the surroundings. The outdoor space has a beautiful gazebo that adds to the natural beauty. The home has a large swimming pool and the residents can take a dip in the indoor pool or the lush green area.

One of the amazing home designs that the designer home adopts for its owner is a simple yet elegant design. The house design uses one large sitting room which has a fireplace and the rest of the home has contemporary furniture with exquisite wallpapers. The exotic lighting enables the home owners to enjoy the beauty of the interior at night. The terrace and the back yard have great drainage systems that make the home incredibly convenient.

The home of this designer house is so simple yet it contains amazing features. The house is fully equipped with the modern appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher. These home designs ensure a comfortable stay in the home and the residents can enjoy a peaceful life in this beautiful house in Kerala. One can find many more designs of Kerala home in the internet and one can select the best one for building their home.

30×40 ft kerala home designs double story house plan and elevation



Plot size – 30.40 ft 1200 sq ft

Direction – west facing


Ground floor


Master bedroom 11.0*11.0 ft

and attach toilet 6.0*5.0 ft

Drawing room 10.0*12.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*5.0 ft

1 living hall 11.0*12.0 ft

Kitchen 8.0*9.0 ft

Parking 15.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position inside


First floor


Master bedroom 12.0*13.0 ft

and attach toilet 6.0*7.0 ft

Common bedrooms 10.0*12.0 ft

Common toilet 6.0*5.0 ft

1 living hall 12.0*10.0 ft

Staircase position inside


30×40 ft kerala home designs double story house plan and elevation 

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