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What is the 30×40 Ft Indian Small House Design Photo?

The 30×40 ft Indian small house plan image is designed for maximum space utilization in an apartment or bungalow. It has been inspired by the traditional bungalows of the North, particularly the state of Kerala in India. The plan includes an outdoor kitchen and a spa. There are two-story ceilings and the interiors have warm and elegant colors. The double story plan offers an elegant look, relaxing atmosphere and natural light to the room. There is a large courtyard with a gate leading onto the terrace, which is the main outdoor space of the house.

The duplex unit is meant for dual families. The spacious interior makes it suitable for entertaining guests, especially when there are children. The duplex unit can be designed as a one or two-story house. There are many duplex plans designed by different architects. Choose the best ones according to your requirements and budget.

The duplex unit can accommodate up to twelve people. The exterior wall of the duplex unit can be detached to allow for a large external balcony. This large area can be used as a patio or sun porch. An external balcony will create an extension of the house and will give it an extra large living space.

Most of the duplex plans have a large sitting room area where the family or other visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. There is also a dinning area adjacent to the sitting room. These units can be planned as a combined unit where there is a bedroom in the basement and a living room on the upper floors. The upper floors can be reserved for additional bedrooms.

Most duplex plans are planned as two-story houses. It has an attic that connects the main house and the loft. The attic is usually made with skylights to provide natural light into the house. There is usually a central sitting room area in the center of the building.

The main advantage of using a duplex plan is that the house can be divided into smaller rooms. This would allow an adult child to study in a child’s bedroom and his or her children to have their own bedrooms. The other advantage of this type of design is for parents who have other children residing at home but want to avoid having them share a bedroom. The children can sleep in their own bedrooms and study in the main room. They can also use the master bedroom for extra storage.

There are many reasons why homeowners should consider using a duplex plan design for their home. The main advantage of this type of floor plan is that it uses one-third of the space of a traditional two-story plan. Since the duplex plan has only one level, there is more open space in the plan. This extra space makes the house appear larger and is ideal for adding additional rooms. The duplex plan design also allows the homeowner to save money because it has a lower building cost than the two-story plan.

Although the duplex plan may be ideal for some homes, it may not be suitable for your home. Before you buy a duplex plan, you need to find a local architect who is familiar with this type of design. You can also research on the Internet for more information about this type of plan. You need to know the specifications of your home to ensure that the plan you will buy will fit your needs. If you want to ensure that the Duplex Plan for your small house design is ideal for your home, you have to take into consideration factors such as the number of rooms, the size and the layout of the house.

30×40 ft indian small house design photo double floor plan elevation


house plan details


Land area 30.40 ft 1200 sq ft

North facing


ground floor


1 master bedroom 14.11 ft

and one attach toilet 4.0*7.0 ft

1 kitchen 11.0*11.0 ft

and dining hall 14.0*9.0 ft

1 living hall 14.0*16.0 ft

1 common toilet 5.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking 9.0*17.0 ft


On 1 floor


2 bedroom 14.11 ft, 14.14 ft,

and one common toilet 9.0*6.0 ft, 9.0*6.0 ft

1 living hall 15.16 ft

Staircase position inside


30×40 ft indian small house design photo double floor plan elevation

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