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Building a House Front Design Picture With Multy Story Plan

For a house-front design, you will need a 30×40 ft house front elevation plan. In the real estate market, they are used as a basic type of floor plan outline. The plan shows the floor plan and distance between the corners. This will help you determine how big your home should be.

The floor plan should be compared to this model. Use the house layout as a guide in making the floor plan. You can also consult some magazines on floor plans. You can also take some home interior photographs of different houses and use them for the floor plan.

When you have the floor plan in hand, it is important that you look at it with an objective lens. Looking at the plan from all directions will cause confusion and will produce an incorrect floor plan picture. You must see the plan from all angles.

If you do not know how to properly look at a floor plan picture, there is another option. You can consult a more experienced architect. Architects know how to read plans. They can help you get an accurate floor plan. This is because professional architects are trained professionals. They have gained experience in a lot of projects.

You can consult an architect if you do not know who to consult. You can go online and search for certified architects. These architects will guide you about the right house front design that suits you. Each architect has his/her own style and they will make your house design unique. An architect can work closely with you to create a floor plan that meets your specific requirements.

If you hire an architect, you will get the floor plan designed by him/her. The architect will tell you about how you need to adjust some details to fit your specific house front design. You can talk about how many stories you need to build and what type of house you want. Once you have the floor plan in your hand, you can contact different builders and contractors and find out what their quotations are.

The price range of these plans will differ based on the complexity of the building process. The more complex the building process, the higher the price of the plan. Complex buildings usually take longer to construct. It will take you a longer time to finish the building. So it is better to choose a plan with a low price.

You can even choose to take the plan to the building site. You can bring your family and friends there to help you make the floor plan. This is a great way for you to get the exact idea about how the building will look like. You will be able to see all the different options before making your decision. So if you want to have a multi-story plan, you can find one online or find an architect to design one for you.

Before choosing a plan, you should also consider other factors. If you live in an area that has harsh weather, choose a different plan. The plans that are suitable for harsh weather will be stronger and will last longer. This will allow you to use the same design for many years. This is something that most homeowners do not bother about.

The multi-story plan will be easier for you to walk around. This is because you will be walking from room to room. Having stairs will be very helpful for you. It will be easy for you to navigate the different levels in your house. So if you are going to build a three-story house, you can put one picture on each floor so that your children will remember where they are.

You can choose the different rooms according to your needs. For example, you can place a dining room on the first floor of your house. This will help your family eat meals while they are at home. You can also choose a bedroom on the top floor of the house in this house front design so that you and your children will have enough space to play.

There are many types of plans for building a house. However, this plan is very unique because it is the only plan that you can use while you are building the house. This will be a nice investment that you will enjoy for years. Do not take this building process lightly because it will make you enjoy every moment of your construction.

30×40 ft house front design picture multy story plan elevation


house plan details


Plot size – 30.40 ft 1200 sq ft

Direction – south facing 




Parking 30.40 ft


Ground floor


2 master bedrooms 11.0*9.0 ft, 11.0*9.0 ft

and attach toilet 6.0*4.0 ft, 7.0*4.0 ft

Kitchen 11.0*13.0 ft

Dining hall 19.0*11.0 ft

Parking 16.0*15.0 ft

Staircase position outside


First floor


5 master bedrooms 9.0*11.0 ft, 11.0*9.0 ft,

9.0*11.0 ft, 16.0*13.0 ft, 11.0*10.0 ft

and attach toilet 7.0*4.0 ft, 7.0*4.0 ft,

7.0*4.0 ft, 7.0*4.0 ft, 7.0*4.0 ft

Staircase position outside


First, second, third and fourth floor are the same plot


30×40 ft house front design picture multy story plan elevation

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