Amazing South Indian House Front Elevation Design

Looking to build your dream home, South Indian Home Design is the best way to go. The beautiful architecture and the lush greenery all around will make your plans come true. The South Indian home design features single story homes, bungalows, and villas. One thing is sure. You can have your dream home and still save money. All you need to do is to be resourceful in finding the right building plan that fits your needs.

30×35 ft south Indian house front elevation plan with concrete slab foundation and wood framed structure is an ideal home for any person. This kind of house design has ample of space for your future family. You can live in a large bungalow with a spacious single story backyard. With a beautiful pool and a spa included you will have everything you need for a luxurious life. You can also build a villa with a private pool, a garage and other facilities.

If you are looking for beautiful South Indian single story homes to build then this is the right one. It has beautiful and elegant single story home designs. All the plans included in this package come with beautiful front elevation views. The beautiful and elegant house front design features three stories with a fully winged fireplace and a beautiful covered porch. Each floor plan is complete with a beautiful gable and stair design.

The three-story home design has a large penthouse on the top. You will find an amazing skylight on the lower level. The skylight is the main window from which you can view the entire city. The lower level of the house has a fantastic double story featuring a single bed room with a double master bed. There is also a guest room with a queen size bed. The total area of this home is 3200 sq feet.

The beautiful and elegant single story home designs have their own unique characteristic. The beautiful and elegant feature of these homes have made many property buyers choose this house plan. All the south Indian house front elevation designs are planned in such a way that they include a beautiful gable and a staircase to the first floor. The stairs lead to a beautiful main door that leads to a beautiful patio. The house has two story roof that is completely enclosed.

The other two story features are fully enclosed. The other two story features of the south Indian house plans front elevation plans include master and guest wing. The total area of all the three story house is around 5000 square feet. The houses are designed and built with a new modern approach. The builders use the most advanced technology and employ highly skilled labor to construct these attractive houses.

All the houses are planned and built in such a way so that they include all the modern amenities like swimming pool, garden, terrace and a garden shed. You will also find a separate guestroom with an attached bath tub and a luxurious bath. The beautiful flooring, wall papers, wall color and fixtures are all done in an impressive manner so that your home looks extremely beautiful and luxurious. These houses are also designed in such a way that they include all the modern security systems like smoke detectors, security gates, round the clock lighting etc. You can also find an electronic garage entrance system with a valet parking space.

The other thing about the South Indian house front elevation designs is that they are beautifully planned and built using simple and primitive materials. The designers use only the best and most durable materials in building the house for maximum durability and strength. In fact, the builders use only the most durable raw materials in building the construction of the building. Therefore, it is really hard to imagine any kind of deficiency in the construction of any of the South Indian house front elevation designs.

30×35 ft south indian house front elevation design single floor plan


house plan details 


Land area 30*35 ft 1050 sq ft

North facing

ground floor


One Master bedroom 11*12 ft

and attach toilet 3.0*5.0 ft

One kitchen 12*13 ft

Dining and living hall 14*15 ft

Parking 12*15 ft

One toilet 4.0*8.0 ft

One storeroom 8.0*8.0 ft

One pooja room 4.0*10.0 ft


1 floor


1 common bedroom 12*18 ft

and common toilet 2.0*3.0 ft

Staircase position inside

One storeroom 8.0*10.0 ft


30×35 ft south indian house front elevation design single floor plan

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