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A double floor plan for a 27×53 ft house front elevation is provided in this article. This is the maximum measurement usually taken by home inspectors for measuring the structural strength and other features of a building. It is also the basis of any project to be undertaken by Indian Contractors. There are certain challenges that builders will have to overcome for completing a project with this floor plan.

A lot of planning is required before the actual construction process starts. The actual task of finding suitable elevation for the building is done by surveyors before construction begins. These people are well equipped with the knowledge of various techniques to measure the ground properly. They do the exact measurements of the soil, slope, base area of the construction and many other factors to support the success of the construction project.

You can find many popular home design ideas that include the 27×53 ft house front elevation design images. All the ideas are available in various sizes so that the builder can choose the one that suits his needs. All these designs are meant for the use of home owners who have an average height of 20 feet. So if you have a tall person at home, you can use these ideas to get some beautiful home design ideas for increasing the beauty of your home. The main idea is to enhance the beauty of your home with the help of these images.

The first step that is carried out during the construction of any building is to prepare the soil. For preparing the soil, special tools and machines are used. To know about the different tools that are used for preparing the soil, you can take help from your garden professional or a local expert. After this, the construction of the foundation and the walls begins. The soil is made by breaking it with a large drum. The cost of this process is low and does not occupy much time.

After preparing the soil, the second and the final stage include the framing of the house. For constructing the walls, the two important requirements are the steel girders and wooden beams. These beams are placed on the ground and the upper part of the wall is built up by using joists. The cost of this process is very low because it does not require cutting of the trees. The cost of the different ideas included in the 27×53 ft house front elevation design images is less than $3000 each. This makes it very economical and people can save their budget for other important projects.

The cost of this type of plan depends on the type of flooring chosen and the size of the lot. Some of the popular floor plans include: Single story house exterior design ideas; Cape Cod home; Cape Cod single story house exterior design ideas; River Glen cottage; River Ridge cottage; and St Anns flat. All these are available in full color and 3-D images. People can choose the right one for building their

homes. Some of these plans include: Elegant English Cottage, Elegant Colonial Cottage, English Country Cottage, River Farm Cottage, Beautiful Wormy Cottage, and Old Dutch Cottage.

All these house front elevation plans have different floor plans. Many of them also include a patio. The advantage of these plans is that they allow people to build houses at reasonable costs.

People who are interested in getting these house front elevation designs can buy them from online websites. Some of them are offered for free, while some other sites demand a small fee. People can select the right one by comparing the features and prices. These plans are also available in local stores. Many of these images result into 3-D images which help people in planning their projects.

27×53 ft house front elevation design image double floor plan


house plan details 


Land area 27*53 ft 1431 sq ft

east facing

ground floor

Hall 15*20 ft

Kitchen 11*8.0 ft

Parking 9.5*9.4 ft

One common toilet 5.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Open space 10.0*21.0 ft


On 1 floor


1 Master bedroom 10.0*12.0 ft

and attach toilet 4.0*5.0 ft

Drawing and Living hall 15*10 ft

 Kitchen 11*8 ft

Staircase position inside

Balcony 15.0*10.0 ft


27×53 ft house front elevation design image double floor plan

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