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Discover The 27×38 Ft House Design Double Story Plan

You’re considering a triple story house, but you’re not sure exactly what kind of house design software to use to build it. Are you going to use house design software to do the leg work? Or would a builder sit down with you and explain your dream house? Fortunately for you, ReadyHooked offers house design software that is perfect for anyone who wants to build, even if you’ve never built a house before.

ReadyHooked will allow you to easily create and customize your own house plans. These are top quality plans that you can use on your property. The designers took lots of factors into consideration when designing these fantastic plans. First of all, the plans are designed to work anywhere in the world, and they include easy to follow instructions. Even if you don’t have any experience building, you’ll be able to follow the simple design diagrams and build a terrific new addition to your home.

The plans include many different floor plans, including one that’s specifically designed to be built on a parcel of land with ample room for the new addition. With this unique floor plan, your new addition will fit seamlessly into the existing landscape. If you own a lot of land, but not a house, you could build on your property. If you’re lucky, the property you own already has the foundation taken care of. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll need to excavate the area and build it from scratch. Either way, your new addition will fit seamlessly into your existing surroundings.

ReadyHooked house design plans come with easy to understand blueprints that lay out all the dimensions and features of your new addition. Everything is carefully drawn and labeled with easy to read lines. This makes it easy to incorporate the different architectural styles found throughout your home.

In addition to having blueprints to work from, the plans also come with a materials list. Included here are descriptions of the kinds of materials you should use for construction. You can choose from a wide range of finishes such as brick, stone and hardwood. You can also choose the roofing style and materials, and the size and layout of windows and doors.

All these things are clearly outlined in the plan. Even the smallest detail is detailed. If there is a possibility that you might need a contractor to complete any part of the project before completion, the detailed materials list includes contact information for local contractors.

ReadyHooked house design plans are offered by READYHOUSEDESIGN.COM . Some of these companies offer free ready-made plans. You can search for ready-made plans online. Some sites also offer free downloads of the complete design. There are also sites that offer ready-made plans, but charge a small fee for resale rights. The price you pay for the plan will depend on what company you buy from.

You can also customize your own plan by changing the details. This gives you a unique plan that is not available on any other plan. You can add extra rooms and extra amenities if you want. There are also many places on the Internet where you can download ready-made plans for your use.

27×38 ft house design double story plan elevation


1House plan  details


Plot size => 27’0*38’0 ft 1026 sq ft

Direction => west


Ground floor


2 bed room =>14’0*14’0 ft , 12’0*14’0 ft

1 Common toilet => 5’0*5’0 ft

1 Bath room => 7’0*5’0 ft

1 Hall => 14’0*17’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 13’0*11’0 ft

Store => 7’0*6’0 ft

O.T.S => 14’0*5’0 ft


First floor


1 Bedroom => 14’0*14’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 13’0 *11’0 ft

1 toilet => 5’0*5’0 ft

1 Bath room =>7’0*5’0 ft

Hall =>12’0*14’0 ft

Store => 7’0*6’0 ft

Open space => 15’0*15’0 ft


27×38 ft house design double story plan elevation

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