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26×22ft Indian House Front Elevation Design Photo

If you have already checked out the Indian House Front Elevation Design Photo then you must be wondering what this house front elevation plan has to offer you. Well, first of all, this is a three-floor, fully-equipped home with high ceilings. The beautiful three-level living space that is equipped with a large living room, dinning area, and a library will definitely give your family all the comfort that they will need in their daily life. This living area is also equipped with an advanced security system. All of these features and more make this Indian house front elevation design a truly amazing and perfect residence to call your own.

However, if you are still interested in this Indian house front elevation design, then here are some more interesting features that this three-level plan is equipped with. The main entrance of the house has been surrounded by an elevated circular driveway that is circular in shape. You will notice a well-lighted house staircase that leads straight to the upper level of the residence. The second level has a staircase that leads to the next level and the third level has an elevator that allows you to access the upper level from ground level. This elevators feature is truly a wonderful feature that you will love using at any given time during your stay in any Indian house.

Aside from the three levels of living spaces mentioned above, this Indian plan also offers you an attic, kitchen area, and a library space in its ground level. It is really a perfect home for anyone who loves books and wants to create a relaxing and a pleasant atmosphere at home. This plan truly comes a long way from the traditional home plans of India.

The house front elevation design photo shows a beautiful outdoor courtyard that surrounds the home. The building rises up to a certain height above the road where a gate leads to the main entrance of the house. This is really a nice and a comfortable entrance that many people really love using. If you want to make sure that you will enjoy staying here, then you really have to check this out.

In addition to the gorgeous exterior of this amazing house, it also features an interior that is warm and welcoming. This is because of the presence of a spacious living room area that is made using wood materials. The television set is also present in this room that makes watching your favorite TV shows very enjoyable. This is a perfect place where you can welcome guests and entertain them with great hospitality.

If you want to ensure that the entire interior of this wonderful home is just like its exterior, then you should consider its beautiful roof line. The three story building has a roof that rises about three hundred feet above the ground. This awesome feature makes this place very attractive for any home or building with a great view.

The house front elevation plan of this amazing house features an extra three floors that are located on the other sides of the courtyards. The floors are great for letting your family members have a comfortable living space, even if they are not too tall. There is also an extra master bedroom in the building that will be used by your teenage children. You really have to make sure that you will enjoy living here and will be able to live your dreams.

If you want to have a nice feel of a larger home, then you should really consider this wonderful plan. You can find many amazing features that this amazing house has when you are looking through the Internet. This website will also guide you to make the right construction choices. If you want to make improvements in the house, then you should really consider this plan. This will give you the opportunity to be the owner of a wonderful home in just a short period of time.

26×22 ft indian house front elevation design photo three floor plan

house plan details 


Land area 26*22 ft 572 sq ft

east facing


ground floor


One Drawing room 11.10*11.5 ft

One kitchen 10.2*9.6 ft and dining hall 12.2*10 ft

Parking 8.4*9.6 ft

One toilet 4.0*7.0 ft


1 floor


1 master bedroom 10.2*14.7 ft

and attach toilet 5.7 ft

Living hall 6.8*7.7 ft

One common room 11.5*8.4 ft

Staircase position outside

Balcony 7.4*9.6 ft


2 floors


1 Master bedrooms 10.2*14.7 ft and attach toilet 5.0*7.0 ft

One storeroom 4.10*4.8 ft

Open space

Staircase position outside


26×22 ft indian house front elevation design photo three floor plan

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