front elevation designs for east facing house

A Front Elevation Design For Small House Two Floor Plan

25×45 ft front elevation designs for a small house two floor plan is one of the most advanced ideas in architectural design. It has been incorporated into residential as well as commercial buildings. This type of design maximizes the use of the space available by incorporating the two floors together and providing ample space for movement. This is the perfect design, if you are planning to have a large open expanse of land with ample of space to move around.

The project architect was an experienced carpenter and designer who have implemented this concept into his master plan. The resulting plan has an immense amount of space in the central section. The north and south elevations have a continuous flow of traffic. The large main entrance is made easy and spacious with the addition of an escalator. The planned extension will enable the construction of a three story house with two extra floors to accommodate an extra tenant.

The project was initiated with the help of an expert architect who had good experience in building small constructions. He was also successful in constructing a hotel that has its main branch in the main road of the city. He proposed a model house to be modeled after the hotel. The resulting structure is very beautiful and the main entrance is very impressive. When the construction was completed, it looked exactly like the model and it became very popular in the locality.

25×45 ft front elevation designs for a small house two floor plan has four levels that offer great circulation. The ground floor offers an extended walkway for guest and visitors while the top floors have an extra bedroom and lounge. The total area of the floors is about thirteen thousand square feet. The total area of the building is about eighty-five percent of the total area of the plot of land.

The front elevations design was planned by a civil engineer who is responsible for structural aspects of buildings. It required about twelve weeks for the entire project. The soil has to be shifted very carefully and it took about eighteen months to complete the job. The soil has to be prepared properly by digging a trench in the soil and installing the footers. The footers are then set on concrete footings.

The front elevations design was designed by Zane Gates who is a certified civil and structural engineer. This kind of building is designed to increase the value of the property. The land has to be prepared properly before construction takes place and once constructed, this will ensure that the construction is durable. It is important to make sure that the site has adequate drainage.

The best part of this front elevation design for small house two floor plan is the amount of space that is available on the ground. You can use the entire space for parking your car. There is ample lighting inside the house and outside the house, you can choose to install exterior lights and you can have natural lights if you like. This can make your house look bigger.

When you are choosing a front elevation design for small house two floor plan, you have to ensure that there is proper ventilation inside the house. You have to ensure that the heating system works and also that the cooling system functions properly. You can choose from the wide variety of interior designs of this type of house plans. Your local home improvement stores should have a good display of these types of houses and floor plans.

25×45 ft front elevation design for small house two floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>  25’0*45’0 ft 1125 sq ft

Direction => North

Ground floor

1 Master Bed room =>10’0*16’0 ft

Attach toilet => 4’6*8’6 ft

1 Kitchen => 6’6*11’3 ft

1 Store => 6’3*5’0 ft

1 Toilet => 6’8*4’6 ft

1 Bath => 4’7*4’7 ft

1 WC => 4’7*3’9 ft

1 Bed room => 13’0*12’7 ft

1 Living hall => 18’3*12’9 ft


First floor


1 Master Bedroom =>10’0*16’0 ft

1 Attach toilet => 6’3 *7’0 ft

2 Bed room => 10’4*11’3 ft , 13’0*12’7 ft

1 common Toilet => 8’3*5’0 ft

1 Kitchen => 5’3*8’6 ft

Living area =>8’3*12’9 ft

1 Pooja room => 10’0*5’0 ft


25×45 ft front elevation design for small house two floor plan

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