Home Double Story Home Elevations 25×34 ft indian house front elevation design double floor plan

25×34 ft indian house front elevation design double floor plan

25×34 ft indian house front elevation design double floor plan

Affordable City House Plans – Indian House Front Elevation Design

Best double floor plan for your home. Get ideal front height 2d design and create home modern order for new home height front height design and call today home design by southpaw. Exterior view of your home is also known as front-view of home and give best and realistic interactive executable home front-height design in 2d and get it in jpeg format file 25×34ft Indian house front elevators. It gives an easy-to-follow elevation plan and step-by-step drawing. This elevating model is mostly made of high-grade materials to withstand any weather condition.

Design your home modern with unique and beautiful home elevators. They will give your house plan a classy look and make it look like new. These can be selected according to your taste and requirements. They are designed to provide the ultimate service to your home elevators. They are specially designed and manufactured to meet and surpass the quality and expectations of their customers.

It gives a good and complete solution to your problem about home elevators. You can choose any story house front height design and get elevators to move from one story to other. You can enjoy four-bedroom, three-bedroom and two-bedroom floor plans with elevator to move between floors.

You can build your dream home with any size. You can choose any floor plan with luxurious features as per your requirements. It provides with the ultimate comfort to the users. It also provides you with ultimate convenience at your door steps. This house elevation has a convenient duplex floor plan to provide you with a great living experience.

The duplex plan with an open concept at first floor and at the second floor will create an airy room that will give an extra dimension to your home. You can move in easily as it is located in the corner of the building. The installation cost is very less. It is made up of steel and aluminum frames with full concrete foundation. It has been designed and built with the latest technology.

This is a modern duplex house plans that will give you ultimate luxurious experience. It is located at a safe place that is away from the busy roads. This is the best location for all your requirements including office, shopping, schools and other amenities. There is an area of around 5000 sq feet which can be utilized for housing purpose.

The installation of this modern style 4 bedroom house plans will give an extra dimension in your home by means of beautiful rooms with an elegant floor plan and by opening the terrace. The terrace will provide a relaxing place to spend your time after a hard day’s work. You will also get this beautiful design with the luxurious extra wide double garage. The house has been designed in such a way so that you can get natural light through the large skylights. You will also get the double heated pool and relaxing spa.

This is a perfect plan for all your requirements. You will be able to get maximum usage out of this modern house elevation. You will be able to get all modern services in a contemporary style. You will be provided with excellent quality of material with these modern services. Thus, it will be an ideal option to select for you.

This beautiful design will help you save a lot of space. It will enable you to move easily as well as comfortably in this beautiful house front elevation. The modern services will be provided with all the essential elements in order to enable you to have maximum utilization out of this amazing modern home. The services include:

You will be provided with all the basic things with the above mentioned plan. You will also be provided with additional services like: conference facilities, beauty salon, internet station, health centre, internet cafe, laundry, dry cleaner etc. Thus, this amazing interior design plan will enable you to remain relaxed in your house. You will be able to enjoy a beautiful and cozy interior. The modern services will also offer you with additional features like: car parking, housekeeping, plumbing, electric current, septic drainage system, facade cleaning and pest control.

All the modern features provided by the above mentioned house front elevation designs will help you keep away from many unwanted situations. You will always be safe and secured. These unique designs are designed in such a way that they will provide you with the amazing experience of living in the city. If you are planning to buy any such house front elevation plans then you must go for it as quickly as possible. The best part about such a design is that they will help you save a lot of money.

25×34 ft indian house front elevation design double floor plan




Plot size – 25.34 ft 850 sq ft

Direction – east facing

Ground floor


1 Common Bedroom 12.0*13.0 ft

Common toilet 10.0*5.0 ft

Kitchen 8.0*10.0 ft

drawing and dining hall 13.0*20.0 ft

Staircase position outside

Parking 10.0*12.0 ft

First floor


2 Master bedroom 13.0*12.0 ft, 13.0*13.0 ft

and attach toilet 5.0*10.0 ft, 4.0*9.0 ft

Staircase position outside


25×34 ft indian house front elevation design double floor plan

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