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Single Floor Plan for 22×25 Ft House Front Elevation

Why is it important to have a good design for your home? You need to keep your budget under control and still look good and feel good inside your home. But what’s the best way to approach this? Use the Internet for that! There are many online services that offer readymade houses that you can choose from. In most cases, these designs are presented in a simple manner so as to allow you to easily make up your mind regarding the type of home you would like to construct.

You should know that when you are looking for a good single family dwelling for your children to live in, there are many things that you should take into consideration. First, you should decide on the size of house front elevation design that you need. This is because different people have different needs and wants. For example, someone may want a large house with a huge yard while another person may want to live in a small house with a modest yard.

Readymade houses also come with an array of other features. These include ready-built interiors. These ready-to-move in homes are usually made of cement block walls and have standard rooms like a kitchen, bedrooms, living room and bathroom. The only difference is that these designs have been pre-built on the site by professionals so that they are ready for installation.

If you are looking for a 22×25 ft house front elevation design for single story homes, you will find that these are manufactured in different sizes. The first model you will see is a one story home. This design is for those who live in a small single unit and do not have enough space to accommodate a traditional two or even three story house. You will notice that the roof height is lower than the rest of the house. This is due to the fact that the top floor is limited to around nine or ten feet above the ground level. In fact, it is difficult to build anything taller than this.

A single story house front elevation design for single floor plans can also come in a penthouse. This is also a design that is very popular among people. The benefits of this type of design are that the penthouse allows the residents to enjoy the benefits of extra space. It will allow more space for people to move around. The bottom floor is also not required to be as high. Therefore, the entire house will be open to the backyard

A second floor plan is also available that is called the loft floor plan. This is also a very popular design. Many choose this design because they can increase the value of their home when they eventually decide to sell it. The loft floor plan has the same advantages as a single story house front elevation design for single story house plans.

A house front elevation design for single story house plans can also come in a gable design. The gable roof design will consist of a series of slopes. These slopes will slope downward toward the house and then the roof. This roof design will provide more space to the residents but it will also provide more sun exposure.

The final type of design that is available is called the gable front elevation design. This is a design that will require you to build up on the rear of your house. This rearward positioning will allow you to have greater space in your backyard. The benefit to this design is that you can have your house is the focal point of your yard while at the same time you are able to get more sunlight and have an enclosed entryway.

22×25 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan


House plan  details


Plot size =>22*25’0 ft 550 sq ft 

Direction =>  North 


Ground floor


1 Master bedroom =>8’6*10’6 ft

1 Kitchen =>9’3*9’0 ft

1 Bedroom =>8’3*8’6 ft

Hall => 9’0*10’6 ft

1 Bath =>8’6*4’0 ft

Staircase => Out side

Dining =>7’9*9’0 ft

Store =>3’6*4’0 ft

Pooja => 3’6*4’6 ft


22×25 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan

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