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House Front Design Plans

The 21×32 ft house front design picture is a unique home plan that allows the potential homeowner to have a very luxurious look. This unique home has a very interesting floor plan, which is geared towards living on the edge. The elevations of the two-story level is one that is quite unusual. It has the kitchen at the top level, the living room at the bottom level, and the bedrooms above all.

This home sits on one floor and has a penthouse on the second floor. This design would make sense if you were going to be living in the center of town and looking out on the roads. However, the elevations are such that this home is actually built in an L-shaped fashion which makes it very unique. If this sounds like your kind of place, then this is a house that is worth the investment. Here is more information on the design.

The first thing that needs to be done is a floor plan. Since this house front design is one that will sit on one floor, you must determine the best way to handle the space. You will need to use the available space to its fullest and not waste any. In order to do this, it will help to take an accurate measurement of the room. These plans should be considered as the foundation upon which the entire design is laid.

Once you have an accurate floor plan in place, then you can begin to draw up the plan. In this picture, there are two sets of stairs which will run between the living room and the bedrooms on the first floor. The second set of stairs will run between the master bedroom and the bathroom on the second floor. These stairs will be visible from the master bedroom window.

The second floor plan will have a large kitchen area at one end. There will be a separate entrance to the kitchen from the main entrance. It will also contain a large patio with a covered entry. Outside will be included with a covered walkway that leads to the deck. All of these ideas were taken directly from the house front design plan.

As far as the actual interior decorating goes, you will need to decide on the color scheme and what kind of furniture will go with it. In the second image, you can see the final plan of the interior decorating. The picture shows the dining room and the kitchen already set up. Then there is an end table and coffee table. You will also notice a bookcase on the left and a side table in the center. The bedroom interior decorating picture shows the bed frame and side table set up as well.

If you are looking for a great idea for your decorating, check out the exterior house front design plans before starting with the interior decorating. This way you will be able to make the exterior design work with your interior design plan. Another thing to remember is that you should think about the size of your home before you choose which exterior designs you want to use. Exterior house front interior decorating plans can be found on the internet or in many interior design magazines.

A house-front design is very important when it comes to designing your house’s interior. Not only will the interior make your house look good, but it will also help it stand the test of time. Take your time when choosing your interior design. Make sure that you keep your interior and exterior decorating plans open. You will not regret it.

21×32 ft house front design picture one floor plan elevation


house plan details 


Plot size => 21.32 ft  672 sq ft  

Direction =>West


Ground floor


2 bedroom => 11’0*10’0 ft , 11’0*10’0 ft

2 attach toilet bath => 4’0*8’0 ft , 6’0*4’0 ft

1 kitchen => 6’6*8’0 ft

dinning => 10’0*8’0 ft

living hall => 10’0*18’0 ft

sit out => 10’0*8’0

staircase =>outside


21×32 ft house front design picture one floor plan elevation

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