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Double Floor Plan Elevation For Your Home

Double Floor Plans, House Design, and the Elevation of Your Home is an article by readyhousedesign.com. In it, he provides a very valuable set of house plan elevations that you may utilize to design your home. The first thing he does in this book is to introduce you to the term “Elevation” which is what he means when he uses the expression. Elevation is used in Homes, Schools, Government Offices, and everywhere else to refer to the different levels of a structure or a building. The terms you will use are Fractional Elevation (also known as Full Deck), Self-Leveling (also known as Self-Elevation) and Platform Leveling.

The full deck is a floor plan that gives the best design and layout possibilities for your new home. With this floor plan, you can have the freedom of having a finished basement or a separate entrance from the lower level of the main house. The Self Leveling option is where you will be able to add additional storage spaces and living areas to your home. You will also be able to incorporate all the features that make your home comfortable and user friendly such as a dining room, living room, kitchen, stairs, drive way, and so on.

This Indian home design has been designed and fabricated by skilled carpenters and architects who have given special attention to the elevation and placement of the rooms. These elevations will help you maximize the value of your home. It has been proven that a perfect combination of the different house floor plans will allow you to build homes that will be able to withstand earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. With the perfect blend of modern technology along with traditional construction techniques, your house is made stronger and more resilient against any disaster. You will also find that a complete 20×40ft house plan will be able to bring you the maximum amount of sunlight and make your home more convenient and functional at the same time.

This plan will allow for a flexible option which will cater to a variety of buyers. It is suitable for individuals, families, and retirees who would like to own a house that will be of high quality and value. They will also be able to afford it because it is built from high quality materials and constructed by skilled carpenters and architects. Your property will also be greatly valued because of the fact that the house is one of a kind.

This Indian home elevations plan is ideal for people who want a peaceful place that is away from the busy streets and busy life. They will be able to live in a house that has an outdoor garden that is decorated beautifully. The homeowners can relax and enjoy nature in their backyard. There will be a swimming pool in the back yard. They can take part in sports, enjoy music concerts, and even go for hiking in the outdoors.

They can have this type of home built to their taste and demands. Their dream home will be one of a kind and will never be replicated because of some technical problem. The home will be very comfortable and will meet all their needs. They will also be able to provide their loved ones a nice home for them to live in. They can give their children a nice home as well to grow up in.

The cost of this house will not be expensive. The cost of building a normal home in your town will be very costly. You may be able to pay for the construction of the house but you will not be able to choose the style, the materials or anything about the house itself. When you go to make an offer on a house, the person selling the house will be unable to make any changes due to competition. With Indian double glazing technology, you will be able to make any changes that you want.

You will be able to have a great looking house design without spending a lot of money to get it built. When you choose Indian home construction, you will not have to worry about spending too much money or compromising on quality. This will make your home construction project go very smoothly and you will soon be adding to the value of your property.

20×40 ft house design indian style double floor plan elevation

house plan details 


Land area 20*40 ft 800 sq ft

South facing

ground floor

1 master bedroom 11.0*10.0 ft and attach toilet 4.2*6.4 ft

1 Kitchen 7.8*6.6 ft and dining hall 7.8*9.2 ft

Living hall 7.8*9.2 ft

1 pooja room 3.0*3.0 ft

Staircase position inside

Parking space 15.0*9.0 ft

1 floor

2 Master bedrooms 12.6*10.0 ft, 11.0*11.8 ft

and attach toilet 4.2*6.4 ft, 78*4.0 ft

Living hall 11.2*10.10 ft

Balcony 15*6.6 ft

Staircase position inside


20×40 ft house design indian style double floor plan elevation


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