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Planning For a Home With the Future Clothing – 20×30 ft Front Elevation Design for Small House

What does it take to build a home that has the right design for the future, and with a future, which is more energy efficient? Well, it takes a group of experts to do it, and one of those experts happens to be ready house design Architects. Their latest project, thepton center, has won awards from the likes of the National Association of Home Builders for its energy efficiency and “green” building practices. Now they are creating the ground floor of a new facility in Coral Gables, Florida.

And with the new facility, and the ground floor under construction, they will be using their latest technology, called “ready house design ,” to help with the design. Ready house design  is an award-winning architect who is well-known throughout Miami, especially for her innovative designs and her focus on sustainability. Her latest building concept is the ground floor of a new building that will be adding value to homes all across the region. Their plan will include environmentally friendly technology and will use ready house design  patented technologies along with their famous flexible floor plans to bring you a beautiful new home with superior design to be proud of.

A few years ago, the architects decided that it was time to create a new way to design a house. They had been doing all the usual things, like building walls and floors. This time, they wanted to design a house that would have the best front elevation from the street, while still being efficient at the back. So, they developed a floor plan that uses the most efficient use of space at the front of the house, and yet leave enough space in back for a large garden or terrace. It’s the kind of design that can have a great view, but take up very little space in the front.

They called their design the 20×30 Floor Plan, because they felt that the future was going to be a place full of small, efficient, high-tech houses. The designers also thought that as people got used to these new designs, they would be happy to come back and buy another home in the same neighborhood. By creating a three floor plan, it meant that there would be ample room to grow.

What’s nice about the plan is that the ground slab is located on the front of the house. This will keep the interior floor flat, while allowing sunlight to filter through the windows on the exterior. The slabs are all approximately the same size, and therefore the entire plan is one long floor. The front and rear elevations are set to be the same size, giving the impression that the house is actually one large room.

As is always the case with this kind of new technology, there are plenty of designs. They can range from being very simple, with just a front and a back door, to very elaborate, including a kitchen and living room. Many builders are combining these futuristic plans with modern technology and creating something truly unique. This can really be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a house that offers a little bit of everything.

When it comes to the plan itself, the future house may have a glassed exterior, similar to the common glass paneled doors commonly seen in high end homes. Inside, there may be some high-tech appliances, such as a dishwasher or refrigerator. There may be an office area, resembling one of those sci-fi “desks” seen in movies. In fact, many of these futuristic houses will have their own private elevator, linking the main house to the other levels of the house.

These futuristic plans are really popular right now, but that could change in the future. It seems that the three stories concept may have been a one-time occurrence, at least in the planning stages. One reason could be the advent of new technology. Other builders are able to cut-back on the size of the home when working with modular construction plans. These plans require fewer materials, which makes them more affordable than traditional construction methods. Stay tuned to find out how these plans will look in your neighborhood.

20×30 ft front elevation design for small house three floor plan




Plot size – 20.30 ft 600 sq ft

Direction – west facing


Ground floor


parking 17.0*20.0 ft

shop 19.0*11.0 ft

staircase position outside


First floor


1 common bedroom 11.0*14.0 ft

and common toilet 5.0*8.0 ft

living hall 12.0*12.0 ft

kitchen 7.0*9.0 ft

Pooja room 3.0*4.0 ft

staircase position outside


first and second floor are the same flat


20×30 ft front elevation design for small house three floor plan


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