An Overview On Developing A 19×50 House Plan

The home you choose for your new living space is the foundation of your new life, so it’s important that the choice you make for your new home will be one you’ll enjoy for years to come. One choice that’s always at the front of many people’s minds is whether they should build a house plan that faces west or south. West facing houses are very popular, but why? West facing houses give the entire house the opportunity to be enjoyed in the fresh air and bright sunshine of the southern hemisphere.

There are many advantages to a house plan that faces southwest that make it a top choice for homes. One of the best reasons why this is such a popular option is because of the beautiful landscape it offers. Most houses that were constructed back then had a great deal of southern exposure because the houses were constructed in what was known as the “Deep South” which was an area that had many large, swamps and forested areas. With these conditions, there was very little chance for the home owner to enjoy the beautiful greenery and the abundant wildlife in the area if his house wasn’t facing the proper way.

When the housing industry began to boom in the deep south, homeowners who were lucky enough to have a home that was constructed with a south facing design got even more. A house plan that was facing southwest would have given their home the chance to escape the heat and humidity of the southern states and enjoy the spectacular scenery that the south offers. In addition, many of the homes built in this era of housing were designed with excellent attention to detail such as, fireplaces with the most intricate of designs and larger windows.

South facing house plans were also built with large courtyards and large hallways. This was another way to trap as much heat and sunlight as possible into the house. Many of these courtyards and hallways were made of marble, which is very sturdy and durable. Another advantage of facing southwest was that it would allow for a larger family to have more space. It is believed that this is the reason why so many families were able to afford homes with larger floorplans and were not liited by their space.

The color of a house can have an effect on the price of a home. The best way to obtain the right color of house plan for your needs is to look around at existing homes. By looking at houses in the area you are considering, you will be able to decide which color is best for your lifestyle. You should also pay close attention to the architecture of the building. This will ensure that your new house fits the area in which you are planning to build it.

Planning for your future home is important. You need to have a plan of where you want your house to be. Take a trip to your local realtor and ask them what sort of home you can construct on a budget. While they are not able to tell you exactly what type of home you should construct, they will be able to give you ideas on how to put together a plan that is not too expensive. They can also recommend to you certain contractors and builders that are able to build homes on a more affordable scale. Real estate agents in your area can also give you advice on the different home builders in the area and the prices that they offer.

Before you begin constructing your dream home, it is important to make a scale model of your perfect home. This model can be done using cardboard or by using computer software. Having a scale model will be very helpful in building the actual home. Once you have made your model, you will be able to see what the final size of the home will be. You will also be able to see if there are any architectural or structural problems with your original design.

Your house plan should also include all the locations of windows and doors in the building. These should be placed in such a way that the most amount of natural light can enter the house. If your house plan includes an attic, you should include the measurements of each floor level in your plan. The roofing system of the house should also be carefully studied. It is a good idea to include the details of the plumbing, heating system and electrical system in the house plan. Planning for these details will ensure that your construction project goes smoothly.

19×50 house plan west facing




plot size – 19.50 ft 950 sq ft

direction – west facing


ground floor


2 common bedroom

1 common toilet

1 living hall

1 kitchen

1 store room


staircase outside


19×50 house plan west facing

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